The American Automobile Association (AAA) is offering a free ride home to anyone on this New Year's Eve if they've consumed alcohol in order to ensure those who drink do not get behind the wheel. Wikipedia

During the month of October, companies from all over the world participate in the breast cancer awareness initiative and its fundraising efforts. Perhaps the best-known foundation is Susan G. Komen, which is famous for its walks to cure breast cancer. Other companies such as Avon also stage walks to aid in their fundraising efforts.

Veteran companies like Dannon along with newbies such as 5 Hour Energy drinks raise awareness for the illness by donating a portion of their sales to the cause. Now an unlikely force has joined in the cause, the American Automobile Association.

As reported by ABC News, the familiar AAA tow trucks have gotten a new look for the month of October; the traditionally red, white and blue trucks have been painted all pink, the official color of breast cancer awareness month. With the help of the National Cancer Society, AAA’s new look can be seen in 16 U.S. states.

Gerry Gutowski of AAA Automotive Services tells ABC, “We assist more than 25 percent of the driving public with AAA roadside assistance, and our service vehicles are seen on our nation’s roadways by millions of motorists each day.” The new coat of paint can certainly bring awareness to a multitude of people who not have otherwise been reached.

AAA is also planning to participate in more than 14 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walks to help raise money.