Aaron Hernandez’s death shocked the world. The former American football player, who was convicted of murder, allegedly killed himself and according to recent reports, his brain will be donated for a research.

On Thursday, Massachusetts officials announced that Hernandez’s brain would be released to an academic center. It will be used in studies that examine the relationship of brain disease and football, The New York Times reported.

Prior to the ruling, Hernandez’s lawyer, Jose Baez accused the state of illegally withholding the brain of the former New England Patriots tight end. The ruling favored the state. This will allow his family to find answers to their concerns if Hernandez had chronic traumatic encephalopathy (C.T.E).

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CTE is a degenerative brain disease linked to repeated head trauma. They symptoms of  C.T.E. include memory loss, poor judgment, aggression, depression and suicidal tendencies. 

A hundred of former N.F. L. players were diagnosed with this condition. If the study finds that Hernandez suffered from the said disease, it can help the family apply for money from class-action settlement or other legal proceedings.

On Wednesday, a correction officer found Hernandez hanging in his cell around 3:03 a.m., only days after he was acquitted in a double murder trial. On Thursday, his death was ruled as a suicide, Boston Globe reported.

District Attorney Joseph Dl. Early Jr. explained in a statement that there were no signs of struggle. Also, Hernandez was alone at the time of hanging. On Tuesday night, after 8 p.m., Hernandez reportedly stuffed his cell door with cardboard then hanged himself using the prison bed sheet. The medical examiner ruled that the cause of death was asphyxia by hanging.

Meanwhile, a documentary TV series about Hernandez’s life is already in the works even before he committed suicide on Wednesday. The series will reportedly follow Netflix’s “Making a Murderer.” It will be pitched on streaming services, cable and premium networks next week, Deadline reported.