The news broke Friday that ABC picked up another superhero show in addition to the second season of “S.H.I.E.L.D.” But what you probably weren’t expecting is that the superhero lead in "Agent Carter" is a woman. This is only the fourth time a woman has been the lead in a comic book-based TV series. There have been many a Catwoman and Batgirl to grace our small screens, but they’ve always had to play alongside a male superhero.

“Agent Carter” will follow “Captain America’s” Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) in 1946 after World War II has ended. When the men come home from the battlefield, Carter, like many women in America at that time, feels herself being pushed back into marginal jobs, even though she is blessed with some pretty impressive superpowers. Throughout the season, according to MTV, she will struggle with balancing administrative work with secret missions, all while trying to keep her single life afloat since the love of her life died in combat.

Let’s see how Carter stacks up to her predecessors in the female superhero world. Some spoilers: TV shows with female superheroes rarely did well in the past, and with the exception of "Wonder Woman," none made it past two seasons. The female superheroes are usually single, but never devoid of love interest. Sadly, the men closest to them tend to die.

1.       “Agent Carter” (Haley Atwell) 2014, ABC

Comic Universe: Marvel

Talent: She kicks serious butt.

Alias: Peggy Carter, officer with the Strategic Scientific Reserve.  

Marital Status: Single. Her lover died in combat and thus she must weave her way alone through America’s single life.  Also, let’s not forget that Captain America had the hots for her in “Captain America: The First Avenger.”

2.       “Wonder Woman” (Lynda Carter) 1975-1979, ABC, CBS

Comic Universe: Marvel

Talent: Super-strength from a golden belt, bullet-deflecting bracelets and a golden lasso that forces people to tell the truth.

Alias: Diana Prince, Petty Office First Class, U.S. Military

Marital Status: Falls in love with both a father and his son over the course of the show.

3.“Birds of Prey” (Ashley Scott, Dina Meyer, Rachel Skarsten) 2002, WB

Comic Universe: DC comics

Talent: Takes over Batman’s war on crime using cat-like powers of the Huntress (Scott), the computer hacking and weaponry skills of the Oracle (Meyer) and the touch-telepathy and telekinesis of Dinah (Skarsten).

Alias: Helena Kyle, Barbara Gordon and Dinah Redmond

Marital Status: All single. The pilot opens with the Huntress turning down a suitor. 

4.       “WitchBlade” (Yancy Butler) 2001-2002, TNT

Comic Universe: Top Cow Productions

Talent: In possession of the Witchblade, a mystical gauntlet that preserves the balance between Light and Dark and helps fight supernatural crime. She can also heal herself, create armor over her skin, shoot energy blasts and fly. No big deal.

Alias: NYPD Homicide Detective Sara Pezzini

Marital Status: Throughout the series her romantic interest is a musician named Conchobar. Danny Woo, her partner, is dead.