WTF Christmas Gift Guide [VIDEO]
The Weirdest Gift Guide For Christmas 2013

Christmas is the time of year when you get together with your friends and family and, to be honest, exchange awful gifts that frankly you didn’t want. Consider the lime green sweater your aunt gave you or the stripped socks from your mom. Christmas is also that time when you must smile falsely and say, “Oh thanks, Dad. I really wanted that electric tooth-brush.”

It is time to put the fun back in giving with Amanda Remling’s “WTF” Xmas List that will really get the conversation going. This is a list of some of the weirdest, cockiest and strangest stocking-fillers you will ever see; a gift for every budget from $10 right up to $200.

Amanda’s pick for the coolest gift is already sold out: a Hot Dog Leash from for $10!

Don’t have a dog? Well, there are plenty of other gift ideas, like an NYC Taxi Driver Calendar, pizza-shaped earrings, candles that smell like fried chicken or a bean bag shaped like a burger. So if it is a gift for your brother, friend or significant other, Amanda’s “WTF” Christmas list has got you covered!

For the hilarious, weird and bold, this list has 19 fun items you would never have even thought of, and most of these gift ideas will not break the bank. What it will break is a sea of laughter; just imagine your mom’s face when she opens an Abe Lincoln erotica novel!