Registrations for Google Code Jam 2011 open
Registrations for Google Code Jam 2011 open REUTERS

After Google, now Paul Adams is all set to join Facebook in the New Year, said a twitter message posted by Paul Adams.

“After ~4 years in the awesome Google UX team it’s time for a change + I’m excited to be joining Facebook in the New Year,” said Adams.

Paul Adams is the one Google researcher who had criticized Facebook in a lengthy report. His report is said to have accelerated the Groups product, which launched earlier this fall after Facebook went into “Lockdown” to finish it, said Inside Facebook, a tech website.

This move which is reportedly considered a blow for Google, however, shows Facebook’s reach across the web.

Five months ago, Adams had published a report on the social network’s weaknesses, arguing that social network had not done enough to help people manage the distinct social groups in their lives.

“People have multiple facets of identity.There is not one pro?le that ?ts for all the people in their life. People appear differently to different audiences. They act one way with their family, they act another way in work, and they act another way with their best friends,” said Adams in the report.

He also found that people typically have between four and six friend groups and only between two and six “close” friends. College friends don’t necessarily mix with work friends, who don’t necessarily mix with a person’s family.

After this report, Facebook went on “Lockdown” over the summer and used that time to finish the Groups product.