• Adele shocked fans with her slimmer frame at the Oscars after-party
  • Twitter users reacted to Adele's weight loss saying she is "too skinny"
  • Rebel Wilson dedicates herself to making positive changes this year

Adele is body-shamed by Twitter users for being too skinny.

The “Rolling in the Deep” singer shocked the online users when her photo at the Oscars after-party circulated online. Adele’s epic weight loss is undeniable because she was almost unrecognizable. Many praised Adele for her slimmer figure, but some found her “too skinny.”

“Its 2020 and people feel its acceptable to body shame others. In 2015 you called Adele too fat. She loses weight for 2020 and now shes too skinny! [explicit] Its nobody's business what she looks like, and as for calling her out on it - shame on you!” @SouthernMrsOwen wrote on Twitter.

“Quite agree , l was really shocked when l saw her,couldn't believe it was her , she looked ill , where as before she was just right, glowing in fact,” @Hlane852 commented.

“First everyone said Adele was too fat now she’s too skinny. Like fuck you. She’s beautiful regardless of her size!” @AhyRayes added.

“I prefer the chubby Sam Smith music. Not even looking forward to skinny Adele music,” @KgadiRsa wrote.

“I woke up to a skinny adele this mornin.... my day is ruined,” @bruhhamed added.

Several Twitter users were surprised why so many online users talked about Adele being skinny because for them the singer is more than her frame. Also, they find the “Hello” songstress beautiful regardless of her shape and weight.

“i hate this thing where the internet is suddenly obsessed with praising adele ever since she lost weight like ........ she already was gorgeous n talented ? being skinny is not all that makes someone beautiful ??????!!!” @stfupreet wrote.

“I think ur gross if u feel any type of bad way abt Adele not being fat. Excuse me, u should luv her fat,skinny, tall, short, etc.. she’s is more than her appearance god,” @medtokonnen added.

Rebel Wilson also showed off her weight loss on social media. The “Pitch Perfect” star announced on Instagram that she will make positive changes this year calling it “The Year of Health.”

Adele holds the five Grammys she won including Record of the Year for "Hello" and Album of the Year for "25" during the 59th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, Feb. 12, 2017. REUTERS/Mike Blake