Entrepreneurship is more of an art than a science. In fact, most people who try to become an entrepreneur fail. However, the most successful entrepreneurs actually welcome failure, as they understand that failure is simply an opportunity to learn and grow. Almost all successful entrepreneurs failed with at least one venture throughout their careers. For those that can learn from mistakes and find product-market-fit, entrepreneurship is one of the most coveted life paths as entrepreneurship enables visionary thinkers to earn money while pursuing their passions and/or helping others. As more and more people have been re-evaluating their professions since the onset of the pandemic, entrepreneurial advice and knowledge is at a premium. 

This is why we have identified three disruptive entrepreneurs, across different disciplines, all of whom have paradigmatic entrepreneurial journeys and are innovating in their respective industries.

Adison Justis

Adison Justis is a 21-year-old student, model, and social media creator based in Los Angeles, CA. Justis started building her social media platform at the age of 15. Gaining traction quickly, Justis signed with Wilhelmina Models at 17 years old. Justis is currently pursuing her education and hopes to make a meaningful difference in social justice reform one day. 

Adison Justis Adison Justis Photo: Adison Justis

Justis believes she has gained popularity on social media and beyond due to her style choices, makeup tutorials, and overall authenticity. Her followers tell her as much. Justis has organically grown her audience by staying true to what she loves; this philosophy has garnered attention from her audience as well as from international brands. Continuing to grow since jumping into modeling, Justis is meeting with Wilhelmina London to sign globally and recently became the CEO of her own company. 

Luke Alexander

Luke Alexander is a model entrepreneur because of his self-awareness, perseverance, and sheer skill. Despite his young age, 22, Alexander is a successful entrepreneur with a compelling story. Alexander was set up to fail, growing up in an impoverished town without access to the internet as well as with an abusive father. However, Alexander never let his struggles hold him back. In fact, Alexander believes his childhood struggles turned him into the man he is today. The young entrepreneur is motivated by helping his mother and his brother, both of whom he is very close to.

Luke Alexander Luke Alexander Photo: Luke Alexander

Now, Alexander is the founder of ‘ Closer Cartel,’ a 7 figure sales education company. With Closer Cartel, Alexander is helping hundreds of people learn about high-ticket sales, find jobs, and increase their monthly income. Closer Cartel is versatile as it gives its students the tools to close high-ticket sales for their personal entrepreneurial projects as well as for other companies. Alexander’s message is reverberating throughout the market partially because of his actionable advice and proven methodology as well as his attitude and demeanor. Alexander has a strong distaste for the many false business prophets and sales gurus on the internet and social media. This is precisely why Alexnader always emphasizes authenticity, honesty, and transparency. 

Travis Killian

Travis Killian is a serial and quintessential entrepreneur. As the founder of Upper Echelon Products, understands the value of a high-quality product that solves an existing pain point for consumers. Leveraging the power of e-commerce, Killian has found innovative ways to connect problem-solving products with the consumers that need them. Killian's success speaks for itself as he is one of the most successful marketers in Amazon’s history and a part of the 6% of outliers who invest in market-disrupting products or services before the age of 30. 

Travis Killian Travis Killian Photo: Travis Killian

Upper Echelon Products broke ground in the market with the highly successful and disruptive Repel® umbrellas brand. Since then, Killian and the UEP team are the sole manufacturers and distributors of also of Rain-Mate® umbrellas, Everlasting Comfort® memory foam, electronic, & bedding products, Le Chateau® wine decanters, Cafe de Chateau® coffee makers LumiLux Toilet Light®, Triton® dog leashes, and Flux Phenom® magnetic screen doors in addition to Repel® umbrellas.