The Affair Season 2 episode 2
Noah demands his wife bring their kids to see him in prison on Season 3, episode 2 of Showtime’s “The Affair.” Showtime

It looks like episode 2 of Showtime’s “The Affair” will be bringing back multiple perspectives, like the show has done in past seasons. The Season 3 premiere showed only Noah Solloway’s point-of-view, but based on a few sneak-peek videos released, fans will get to see Helen Solloway, Alison Lockhart and possibly Cole Lockhart’s narratives.

According to a synopsis for episode 2, via TV Guide, Helen (Maura Tierney) is left “devastated” after her ex-husband Noah (Dominic West) makes a “stern request.” The synopsis also teases: “Various pressures cause Helen and Vik (Omar Metwally) to reexamine their relationship; and Alison’s (Ruth Wilson) worst fears are realized when she returns to Montauk following a crisis.”

In one sneak peek (seen above), Helen is visiting Noah in prison and giving him updates on their four children. Noah has a bruised face and swollen eye, and he seems irritated with his ex. As she’s talking, he interrupts to ask why the kids aren’t visiting him in prison. “I need to see my kids, Helen,” he says. “Look around you, look at all these kids. Over there and over there. A lot of them come twice a week. They drive for hours, the mothers get them here. It’s not that difficult.”

Helen says she understands but tells Noah that the kids hate going to the prison. In another sneak peek (below), Alison returns to Montauk and stops by the post office. She chats with Linda at the front desk, and then tells her that she’s there to get her mail. Alison doesn’t think she’ll have a lot of mail, but Linda walks back with two stacks of letters. It turns out Noah has been writing to Alison while he’s been locked away. Alison quickly looks through the stack of envelopes and leaves the post office in a hurry.

Showtime also released a promo for episode 2, revealing that Alison left her daughter Joanie in Cole (Joshua Jackson) and Luisa’s (Catalina Sandino Moreno) care. At one point, Alison asks Cole if she can see her daughter, but Cole and his wife won’t let her.

“The Affair” returned for Season 3 Sunday night. The episode showed how Noah has been handling life after prison and ended with him presumably getting stabbed.

“The Affair” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on Showtime.