Beauty maven Jeffree Star didn’t create a video to respond to Kat Von D’s allegations about him stealing artwork from B.J. Betts like he said he would, but Star did fire off some tweets Tuesday night after deleting offensive ones earlier in the day. In them, he denied allegations about not paying Betts, a fellow artist, for creating the logo he uses for his makeup line, Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

First, he attacked the people who were indulging in the drama between him and the celebrity tattoo artist. “I feel sorry for everyone who jumps on the bandwagon,” Star wrote.

Even though a majority of people took Von D’s side, he was grateful for his followers, writing: “The fact that so many people watch someone’s side and then attack, is predictable. My amazing fans and customers know the truth.”

In his next tweet, Star denied there was a feud between him and Betts. “There is no beef with BJ,” the makeup mogul said. “We worked together in 2014 on an idea and someone else took over. Everyone's been paid. #chillout”

Star reasoned if he had stolen the logo there would be a lawsuit. “Where's the receipts??? Where's the lawsuit?? I created my brand in 2014. The truth is not in her video,” he wrote. “I never stole my logo.”

Von D started a feud with Star Tuesday morning when she said she would no longer be friends with him because he was a bully and racist. She later elaborated in a YouTube video.

After his series of tweets Tuesday night, Von D remained firm, calling Star a liar. “Jeffree. Please, do yourself a favor and stop lying. BJ texted me that you reached out w a settlement proposal an hour after I posted video,” the raven-haired beauty said Tuesday. “So things are not ‘settled’ just yet.  Would it be so hard to, for once, sincerely just apologize, make things right and move on?”

Von D claimed responsibility for making Star famous in the first place and wished she hadn't helped him. “I regret being a part of helping somebody become so self-absorbed when I probably could have spoken up a lot sooner,” she said in the video. “If I do regret anything, it's setting Jeffree up with that factory.”

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