A California man has been charged with his girlfriend’s murder soon after he released a video on rapping about her burial.

Robert Anthony Camou was charged with killing his girlfriend by the Prosecutors in Los Angeles Country. Police were searching ceaselessly for her after she had gone missing in July. Her body has not been found until now, the District Attorney’s office told NBC News on Wednesday.

The district attorney’s office identified the victim as Amanda Custer, 31, who they believed was killed by her boyfriend Camou, 27, of Monrovia. Camou faces one count of murder with a special circumstances allegation of killing a witness relating to the murder.

The murder, as suspected by the Prosecutors, was committed on or about July 29 by Camou while out on a bail on an April charge of thrashing his girlfriend.

In July itself, a video of Camou rapping about burying his girlfriend got him into severe trouble, as reported by NBC Los Angeles. However, the police didn’t clear the air whether the video had any role to play in the murder charge.

Camou was named a suspect by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office in early August who they believed orchestrated the disappearance of Amanda Kathleen Custer. They allege that Amanda was taken against her will after a domestic violence incident on July 29.

The Sheriff’s office also pointed out that at that it was aware of a video showing Camou rapping.

After Camou was jailed on Wednesday night, it was not immediately clear from online records if he had an attorney to speak on his behalf. According to the murder charge, Camou was out on bail when he committed the crime. There is a possibility of the court pronouncing death sentence without parole if he is convicted, as revealed by the District Attorney’s Office. A decision on whether to seek the death penalty is yet to be made.

Both the Los Angeles and Pasadena Police Departments are probing into the case, the District Attorney’s Office said. A $10,000 reward has been offered as authorities search for Amanda, LA Times reported.

This is not the first time Camou is facing criminal charges, a first-degree burglary charge was thrust upon him previously too. He was further accused of injuring his girlfriend, assaulting and battering her, the District Attorney’s Office revealed.

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