“After We Collided” is finally available in the U.S., and fans are quickly choosing their favorite scenes. International Business Times caught up with author Anna Todd and stars Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin to find out their top moments. The Tessa and Hardin actors both share a favorite scene. [Movie spoilers ahead!]

“Definitely Tessa's fight with Molly,” Fiennes Tiffin said immediately when IBT asked for his favorites during a set visit last year.

In a separate interview, Langford listed the same sequence as one of her top “After We Collided” moments as well. They’d recently filmed it at the time. “I just did a fight scene with Inanna [Sarkis], who plays Molly, and that was a lot of fun and pretty crazy, so I’m excited for people to see that,” said.

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The fight features Tessa drunkenly lunging at mean girl Molly, who antagonized Tessa through much of the last film. It's a gratifying moment for Tessa, and it shows that she has changed quite a bit since she first met Molly.

Langford favored the “After We Collided” scenes where Tessa cuts loose, a big change from last year’s “After.” She also enjoyed the business trip that Tessa takes to Seattle where she gets drunk at a club. “There’s a sequence in Seattle, which I think is really cool because again, it’s just a lot crazier and more intense than anything we did on the first film,” she explained.

She found it hard to choose a third favorite, but she ultimately settled on the short reunion with Tessa’s high school sweetheart Noah (Dylan Arnold), complete with awkward hair smelling. “There’s a scene with Noah that I think might be pretty funny,” she said.

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Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin star in "After We Collided," a new adult romance. Voltage Pictures

Her onscreen love, however, leaned towards more dramatic sequences. “For fans to see, I think it’s really nice for them to just see Hardin's mom and see her brought to life on screen. And Louise [Lombard] did a great job, I loved working with her,” Fiennes Tiffin said.

He also enjoyed a scene with Dylan Sprouse’s Trevor. “There’s one scene where Tessa, Trevor, and Hardin are all together in the same kind of room, but it’s not for a very long time at all,” he said. “And that one moment of the dynamic of all three of them being there was really fun to act, so I wish we had more of that.”

Todd, who wrote the “After” books as well as the “After We Collided” script, was quick to praise Fiennes Tiffin’s dramatic performance in her favorites parts.

“My top three favorite scenes so far are a phone call between Hardin and Trevor. From Hardin’s side of it, it's just one of the best performances in the film,” Todd told IBT during last year’s set visit.

The phone call takes place after Tessa’s car accident, and Trevor (Dylan Sprouse) tells Hardin to stay away from Tessa. Surprisingly, the British bad boy actually listens and starts to clean up his act.

The executive producer added that “Hardin post-car accident” was another one of her favorite scenes. He dramatically demands his ex stop the car in the middle of the road and starts running after the ambulance carrying Tessa.

While Todd’s first two favorites are dramatic scenes, the third is more likely to make Hessa fans smile. The bestselling author said there’s “an office scene between Hardin and Tessa” that rounded out her top three favorites.

“After We Collided” showed Hardin giving Tessa her Christmas present, a charm bracelet with a music note, infinity symbol and a book with a “Wuthering Heights” quote (“Whatever our souls are made of his and mine are the same”). He asks for another chance, and they finally are officially back together. They have a pretty steamy reunion in Tessa’s office, and they say they love each other.

“After We Collided” is available now on digital and in theaters.

Additional reporting by Rachael Ellenbogen.