October’s “After We Collided” movie adaptation will include several fan-favorite passages from the romantic Anna Todd novel, including the yoga and ice skating scenes. Tessa and Hardin themselves, actors Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin, gave International Business Times the low-down on who actually is better at the physical activities and why the yoga scene was a little too hot.

At first, Fiennes Tiffin tried to keep his answer diplomatic. “I couldn't say,” the British actor deflected. “We’re both good at both. This is difficult. I really feel like I’m walking on ice right now. We’re both good.”

After hearing that Langford had no trouble answering, the Hardin actor backtracked and realized that he didn’t really participate in the poses. “You know what? [In] the yoga scene, I didn’t get to do any actual yoga because my character’s obviously like, ‘[Expletive] this, I’m not doing this.’ But yeah, I’ll give her yoga and I’ll take ice-skating.”

Langford, however, immediately knew the answer. “He’s better at ice skating, I’m better at yoga,” she said without hesitation.

The yoga scene is known for being a sexy moment between Tessa and Hardin in the series' second book. While the actors were careful not to spoil anything about the scene, they noted that it is pretty hot—literally. It turns out the yoga studio felt like a sauna.

“Temperature-wise, it was boiling,” the Australian actress laughed. “It was genuinely quite a steamy scene because it was very hot inside.”

Still, fans should expect the film to be a bit sexier than its predecessor. “After We Collided” is rated R.

The movie follows last year’s “After,” rated PG-13, which earned nearly $70 million worldwide against a $14 million budget. The movies are each based on a Todd book. The author, who got her start sharing her work on storytelling platform Wattpad, has released five books in the “After” series. Todd also wrote the script for the new movie.

“After We Collided” will release in the U.S. in theaters and on VOD platforms on Oct. 23. American fans might want to be cautious of spoilers since some international territories will get the movie as early as Sept. 2.

Additional reporting by Rachael Ellenbogen.

After We Collided
"After We Collided" stars Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Josephine Langford appear in an ice-skating scene, a fan-favorite moment from Anna Todd's novel. Voltage Pictures