While “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” showed Peggy Carter as an old woman who needed full-time care, television is going to explore some of the more exciting times in her life. “Marvel’s Agent Carter,” on ABC, will detail how Peggy founded S.H.I.E.L.D. in the 1940s. From what the creators are saying, it sounds like the series could be awesome. Check out six reasons we're excited to see it:

1. It’s Based On The Short

On the “Iron Man 3” Blu-ray, “Agent Carter” was a Marvel One-Shot, a short film created exclusively for the Blu-ray and digital releases. The short shows Agent Carter doing more than holding Captain America’s hand. It picks up right after Steve is frozen and shows how many people dismissed Peggy as just a heartbroken secretary. She goes off and completes a mission on her own (without permission) and is called upon to run a new organization called S.H.I.E.L.D. The short is one of the most entertaining Marvel One-Shots, and it definitely left fans wanting more.

“If you think of the short as sort of the end of the series, the series would be leading up to that moment where she gets assigned to S.H.I.E.L.D.,” showrunner Michele Fazekas told IGN.

2. Girl Power

"I think that if you think of where this character is at post-war, kind of just with the history of it all, which is, you know, women were Rosie the Riveter and all of that," showrunner Tara Butters said. "And after the war, it was like, 'Get back in the kitchen.'"

Peggy certainly isn’t headed back into the kitchen. She’ll be running around and getting into the action with the Strategic Scientific Reserve. Though the agency won’t exactly be thrilled that she is around. In the short, Peggy was still fighting to be something other than a secretary. If the series is leading up to that short, it looks like Peggy is going to be fighting the men running S.S.R. a lot.

3. The Starks

Howard Stark and Peggy Carter have met in “Captain America: The First Avenger,” and he was the one to put her in charge of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Stark has to work with Peggy before he puts her in charge of a new government organization. While they saw each other in the first "Captain America" film, the series would be the perfect opportunity to have them really work together. According to ABC’s website, Peggy has to balance her work duties with missions that Howard Stark sends her on.

The showrunners are keeping their lips sealed, however. “I think obviously there'll be some exciting people that you've seen before and new characters that populate her world,” Butters told IGN.

4. Exploring Peggy

“Captain America” fans obviously know Peggy, but this is an opportunity to explore her character without Steve. She is under the impression that Captain America is dead, so her story won’t just be about her rise to power.

“It will have all those things you saw in the short, but we will really get to explore the emotional character, which I think ABC does really well," Butters explained. "It's a strong female character, and you're going to follow her emotional arc through these eight episodes, which I also think is really great.”

5. The Costumes

Who doesn’t love period costumes? With the series taking place in 1946, every episode will have plenty of costumes displaying the fashions of the late 1940s.  

6. Eight Episodes

“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” had a lot of pacing issues that “Agent Carter” can avoid. With an eight-episode season, the story will have to have a clear, concise arc. The showrunners are familiar with this format. Fazekas and Butters also were producers on “Resurrection,” which had an eight-episode first season.

“Eight episodes is fabulous from a writing perspective,” Fazekas said. “When you're breaking the spine of the season, it's a really nice number where you can plan it and know where you're heading. I think it's perfect for ‘Carter.’ How we treat it on ‘Resurrection’ is sort of how we're thinking about it on ‘Carter,’ which is eight parts of a movie.”

“Marvel’s Agent Carter” will have a winter premiere on ABC. What are you excited to see? Sound off in the comments section!