With the holiday season in full swing, Christmas and New Year's Eve are inching closer. The holidays are some of the busiest travel times of the year, with many braving the winter weather to visit friends and family or take a long-awaited vacation.

While long lines and delays are downsides to traveling during this time of the year, traveling in December doesn't have to be complicated. Some airlines and cruises are offering unbeatable deals for those seeking low-cost travel options around the holidays. Whether its flying home to see loved ones or venturing down to a warmer region to escape the cold, options are plentiful.

Airline Deals

  • JetBlue: JetBlue is offering one-way tickets from $49, with all taxes included. While the offer is only available for shorter trips between cities like Los Angeles and San Fransico, it's still a great grab for travelers. Flights from Washington D.C. to Charleston, NC, can be purchased for $59, whereas trips from New York to Palm Springs are priced at $69. The deal is available from Dec. 5 to Dec. 14. 
  • United Airlines: United Airlines, alongside several other airlines, is offering great prices for one-way flights to Las Vegas from New York ahead of the holiday chaos. The best days to fly are between Dec. 9 and Dec. 18, when the cost of flights run between $83 and $127. 
  • Skiplagged: While not an airline, roundtrip flights from New York to U.S. cities like Atlanta, Boston and Wahington D.C. can be purchased for at least $122 on Skiplagged. The website specializes in finding "hidden city flights," where travelers book trips to alternative destinations for cheaper with layovers in the desired city. But be warned: Airlines aren't fans of this method of booking. 

Cruise Deals

  • Norwegian Cruise Line: Travelers can purchase round-trip cruises with the Norwegian Getaway, which will maneuver from Miami to the Western Caribbean region, for $379 per person. This is a huge drop from the original price of $1,349. December and January dates are available.
  • Royal Caribbean: A four-night cruise to the Bahamas will cost a modest $199. The cruise will depart from Orlando, Florida, and will arrive in the Bahamas on day two. If a traveler books their trip with a second guest, the second ticket will be discounted by 50 percent. 
  • Carnival Cruise Line: Cruises from Long Beach, California, to Baja, Mexico, are ongoing in December through Carnival. Prices range from $204 to $539, which does not include fees.