• Hoodlum reunites with the rest of the Akudama gang
  • Brother and Sister open the secret facility
  • "Akudama Drive" Episode 7 is scheduled to broadcast Thursday, 7:30 a.m. ET

The children and Akudama gang finally reach their destination, and Brother and Sister unlock an underground facility. "Akudama Drive" Episode 7 will also show the return of Hoodlum, who was badly wounded after his fight with Executioner Pupil.

The official website released the synopsis for "Akudama Drive" Episode 7, which is titled "The City of Lost Children." Hoodlum joins the rest of the Akudama gang at the newly discovered location. He is still in a terrible condition after his battle in the last episode.

However, the other Akudama members remain unaware of Hoodlum's anger, sadness and distrust.

Meanwhile, in "Akudama Drive" Episode 7, Brother and Sister find the pre-war ruins in the basement of the facility. Later, Brother tells the Akudama gang his true purpose. Moreover, he will reveal his secrets.

In the previous episode, Executioner Master continues his attempt to stop the Akudama gang and take the children in custody.

Master also announces he has no choice but to execute all the Akudama gang members. He goes after Courier and a brutal battle ensues. When Doctor tries to intervene, Master slices her stomach, and she collapses.

Meanwhile, Swindler watches in horror as she protects Brother and Sister. Cutthroat joins the fight and uses Brother as a shield to stab Master.

However, Cutthroat ends up stabbing Brother too. Swindler screams at Cutthroat for killing Brother, but the kid has regenerative abilities and is able to revive himself.

Apparently, Brother and Sister are modified humans with secret powers. It is likely fans will discover more about their past in the forthcoming episode.

Coming back to the battle, Brawler appears to fight Master and the former manages to inflict lethal damage. The episode, beautifully, shows the relationship of Executioner Master and Pupil. Toward the end of the episode, both Brawler and Master die as Pupil and Hoodlum grieve their deaths.

Later, Hoodlum, who is known to avoid fights and conflicts, attacks Pupil to avenge Brawler’s death and the episode concludes.

Fans can watch "Akudama Drive" Episode 7 online via live streaming on Funimation. The episodes are live streaming in Japanese with English subtitles.

"Akudama Drive" Episode 7 is scheduled to air Thursday, 7:30 a.m. ET.

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