A teabagging incident after the BCS National Championship game between an Alabama fan and a LSU fan has suddenly gotten very serious as New Orleans police have gotten involved and could charge the Alabama fan with sexual assault.

If you haven't seen the video that has gone viral, an Alabama fan put his genitals on a passed out LSU fan's face at the Krystal restaurant on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. The man was cheered on for his vile act on the unsuspecting LSU fan, but it wasn't until recently that the disgusting prank has turned into a criminal manner.

New Orleans police posted a photo of the alleged teabagger on its Web site for committing a sexual battery upon another male subject. Outkick the Coverage reported on Thursday that the New Orleans police department has the alleged suspect's name, location, and employment history, but a police department representative denied that report to the International Business Times.

Officer Williams, of the Public Affairs division, told the International Business Times that the police department hasn't identified the suspect, but is actively pursuing an investigation. Once the suspect is identified, he could face sexual battery charges.

Although the department says it hasn't identified the man in the video, Outkick the Coverage and Deadspin have both reported that is a man named Brian Downing, who worked as a manager at Hibbett Sports sporting goods store. OKTC identified Downing as an Alabama graduate and resident of Lee County.

After calling the sporting goods store in question, a spokesman confirmed to OKTC that Downing no longer works at the retail store.

He (Brian Downing) no longer works for Hibbett Sporting Goods, store spokesman Scott Myers told OKTC.

The 32-year old has taken down his Facebook account, but photos have still been obtained through a Bing cache. Deadspin noted that Downing is wearing the same watch in the photo as he is in the teabagging video, but that information hasn't been confirmed.

The whole incident represents another example of how camera phones have changed our lives. If this incident had happened 15-20 years ago it would have been a disgusting prank talked amongst friends, but likely wouldn't have developed into a criminal manner like this has.

The International Business Times will keep you updated as any new information comes our way. Additionally we have linked here to the video in question, but you should be advised that it is extremely disgusting and not safe for work.