After the massive success of the first movie, Disney is currently considering “Aladdin 2.” There aren’t any concrete plans for it yet, but the producers are exploring the source material to see how they can continue the story.

Producer Dan Lin, who worked on the first “Aladdin” film, spoke to Comic Book recently and discussed their plans for a sequel. The executives at Disney are having conversations about making a sequel, according to the producer, and they all feel that there certainly is more story to tell.

Lin pointed out that the fans have already seen the live-action film multiple times, and he strongly feels that the audience is hungry to see more. Some fans have apparently written letters to Disney to tell them that they loved the movie so much that they got their friends to join when they went to watch it again.

There is a lot of source material to choose from. After the success of the 1992 cartoon film, there was a TV series that was made about the Street Rat taking on new villains with the help of his trusted friends and Genie. However, “Aladdin 2” may be inspired from the 1994 animation film that focused on return of Jafar.

The live-action film ended the same way as the cartoon, which opens the door for Marwan Kenzari to reprise his role as Jafar in the sequel. The movie also teased Will Smith’s character’s fate, which means he too could return.

In his interview, Lin explained that although they will be looking at the source material, the sequel will not be a “shot by shot” remake. The plan is to give the fans a fresh take on the story, much like what they did with the first live-action film.

For fans who feel like watching the old cartoon after seeing the live-action film, Disney has released both the films together in the Digital and Blu-ray versions. The popular song “Friend Like Me” has also been released on the official YouTube channel of DisneyMusicVevo.

As far as “Aladdin 2” is concerned, Disney is yet to make an announcement. More details about the development may surface online in the coming months.

Aladdin 2
"Aladdin 2" may be about the return of Jafar. Aladdin/Facebook