• The Indiana couple found to have caged their daughter in 2017 will not go to jail
  • All charges except two counts of neglect for the couple were dismissed
  • The Friz couple will serve one year of supervised probation and the remaining time without supervision

Indiana dentist Alan Friz and his wife Aimee have been sentenced to two years of probation for two counts of neglect of a dependent after they were found to have caged their daughter in 2017. They were initially charged with multiple counts of neglect and other charges.

According to FOX affiliate WXIN-TV, the Indiana couple pleaded guilty to neglect of a dependent at the Crawford Circuit Court. However, the multiple counts of criminal confinement and neglect were dismissed save for two.

Alan, who was also charged with four counts of sexual misconduct with a minor, also saw those charges dismissed. The couple will now serve one year of supervised probation while the final year will not require supervision.

Alan and Aimee were initially scheduled to stand in court in Dubois County as it was where they were charged with the felonies. The couple said they will not get a fair trial in the said location so the trial was moved to Crawford Court.

The couple’s case started after Huntingburg deputies received a report about a “juvenile that was out of control” in October 2017. At that time, Alan was taken into custody as investigators kept up with the probe.

The minor was then interviewed with the assistance of the county prosecutor’s office. During the investigations, police discovered a closet that was transformed into a lockable cage, the Associated Press reported.

Court documents also revealed that the Friz couple withheld food and water from the minor whenever she was locked up. Even sanitary facilities were out of the question. Authorities said the victim could have been locked at night and potentially other times of the day.

Amid rising concerns about the sentencing of the Friz couple, considering that the suspects were allowed be out on bond previously, Prosecuting Attorney Anthony Quinn pointed out that it wasn’t an easy decision to be made.

According to NBC affiliate WFIE, Quinn explained that the decision was made following assessments on the minor involved. He said that the authorities felt testifying in front of a jury was not in the child’s best interests.

Quinn went on to express his best wishes for the minor, stating that he hopes the victim can adjust well in the new environment she is in and that she can continue to heal following the trauma she experienced with the Friz couple.