Many Alan Rickman fans will want to remember the late actor, who died after battling cancer, by watching his movies. Unfortunately, many of his more famous roles, like Severus Snape in the “Harry Potter” films or Hans Gruber in “Die Hard,” cannot be seen via streaming services. However, there are several movies that Netflix subscribers can watch online:

“Lee Daniels’ The Butler” – In this Oscar-winning film, Rickman plays US President Ronald Reagan. The 2013 drama follows Cecil Gaines (Forest Whitaker), the butler at the White House, for 34 years. Rickman plays one of eight presidents for whom Gaines worked.

“CBGB” – Rickman plays another real-life figure in this 2013 film, but it isn’t quite presidential. He portrays Hilly Kristal, the owner of punk rock club CBGB. The indie drama chronicles the club’s rise to fame. The movie also reunites Rickman with his former “Potter” co-star Rupert Grint, who plays The Dead Boys’ guitarist, Cheetah Chrome.

“Gambit” – This 2012 comedy shows Rickman playing another bad guy. He plays Lord Shabandar, the awful boss of an art curator (Colin Firth). His employee decides to get revenge by teaming up with a Texan rodeo queen (Cameron Diaz) and an art forger (Tom Courtenay) to con Lord Shabandar into buying a fake Monet painting.

“Bottle Shock” – This 2008 dramedy is based on the true story of Napa Valley’s success as a wine producer. Rickman stars as Steven Spurrier, a sommelier who wants to create a blind wine taste test to introduce French customers to tastes from other parts of the world. He travels to Napa Valley where he finds a chardonnay that wins the taste test and changes California’s reputation for wine.

“Blow Dry” – This 2001 dramedy shows Rickman as the owner of a barbershop. His ex-wife Shelley (Natasha Richardson), who hasn’t spoken to him in 10 years, discovers that she has terminal cancer. Shelley wants to finally enter a British hairdressing championship, but she wants it to be a family reunion with Phil and their son Brian (Josh Harnett).

“Galaxy Quest” – Rickman plays Alexander Dane, an actor from a sci-fi show, in this 1999 comedy. He and his cast mates are attending conventions for their canceled TV show when real aliens show up and need the actors to help them with a mission.

Rickman’s movie career isn’t quite over yet. He still has two films that will be released posthumously. Check out details on those movies here.