Aleksandr Polovitkin
Aleksandr Polovitkin Aleksandr Polovitkin

What we choose to put in our bodies, how we spend our time, and of course our wellness practices all impact the overall "health" we get to enjoy. Aleksandr Polovitkin's passion is understanding how all the components of our day-to-day come together to build our lives, and, like many entrepreneurs, he successfully formed a business around the passion he has within.

In 1996, Aleksandr graduated from his undergraduate studies, but he decided to continue his studies in a booming business hub. After earning a graduate degree, Aleksandr went on to get his Ph.D. in economics. During his Ph.D. studies, he was working two jobs, but through his involvement in sports as a hobby, he took on a third job as a fitness trainer. He worked diligently to train his clients at one of the largest fitness clubs in his country; eventually, the fitness club he worked at became part of Planet Fitness.

He stayed at Planet Fitness for years. Aleksandr was in love with the atmosphere, working with clients, and helping people fall in love with the health that fitness could add to their lives. During his tenure, he touched nearly every aspect of the fitness industry. He moved up from a trainer to a division manager, and director, then he took charge as the Head of New Projects Development Department. Helping people reconnect with what made them feel good is what made Aleksandr feel good. By 2002, he was ready for a new challenge: entrepreneurship.

At first, his business was not formed with fitness in mind, but with time, his connection to the fitness industry was undeniable and his vision for his organization changed. He formed an impressive Fitness Holding Management Company and rapidly became a well-known fitness entrepreneur in the global landscape. With the structure of his company, Aleksandr keeps himself strategically open. He takes on specific projects on a case-by-case basis, running everything from fitness centers to restaurants, all with wellness and happiness at the forefront of every mission.

Today, the Fitness Holding Management Company owns and manages 23 active sports projects all around the world, but that's just the beginning. Targeting a widespread impact, Aleksandr's endeavor also features over 20 catering projects that include restaurants, bars, breweries, coffee shops, and more. Though it sounds like a lot to manage at once, Aleksandr loves that there's no calculation to his business's success; it's up to a multitude of factors that continuously challenge him and his team to strive for progress.

Relying on his team is something that Aleksandr has had to master in order for his business to run. With so many channels and projects, he simply cannot take it all on by himself. Instead, he focuses on hiring the right people, empowers them to make decisions autonomously, and grows his business through teamwork. Just like fitness and health, Aleksandr realized that building a community was the most important factor in the success of his Fitness Holding Management Company. Now, his community is his team and all the people they serve.

Aleksandr does not define success by the amount of money in his pocket. Instead, he looks at all the people that surround him and all the lives he can make a difference in; to him, that is true success. Success is new jobs, strong teams, community work, social responsibility, passionate work, and overcoming challenges. If there's one thing that Aleksandr's journey has proven time and time again, it's that success is priceless.