If the 2012 Olympic Games taught us anything, it’s that the social media related to the Games may be more influential than the events themselves.

Take, for example, “America’s Sexiest Douchebag,” as Jezebel nicknamed him, Ryan Lochte, who seemed to be at the center of every meme and tweet this summer--due in large part to the fact that he himself was tweeting and building the “Lochte” brand with the “LochteNation” and “JEAH” hashtags.

Then, of course, there was McKayla Maroney, whose snarky face became a defining image of the edgiest and proudest women’s gymnastics team (the “Fierce Five) we’ve seen in a long time, if ever.

Social media allowed Olympic stars to keep their place in the spotlight long after the closing ceremony. This Halloween, our favorite Olympians have stolen that light once again, according to USA Today.

With the booze-filled holiday awkwardly falling in the middle of the week, U.S. soccer stars Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux chose to celebrate early this past Saturday by dressing up as leotard and faux gold medal-clad U.S. Olympic gymnasts McKayla Maroney and Gabby Douglas, respectively.

Of course, pulling off the perfect Maroney costume comes down to mastering her patented crooked facial expression, which Morgan does adroitly. With lipstick and blush, Morgan’s resemblance to Maroney is actually quite uncanny.

Her partner in crime for the evening, fellow Seattle Sounder and tattooed 20-something Sydney Leroux, does a commendable job of imitating Gabby Douglas, though we might not think of Douglas as a nubile contortionist angel if her arms were covered in ink.

With the unstoppable power of social media at their hands, Morgan and Leroux documented their night out with a bunch of Instagram photos, which, not so surprisingly, received the most vocal comments from male users.

After posing with elves and snapping many a mirror selfie, the soccer stars remembered to try out some Gangam Style moves before the night was out.