Alex Rodriguez
New York Yankee's Alex Rodriguez during a Chicago White Sox MLB game in Aug. Reuters

Alex Rodriguez can’t seem to quit striking out.

Fresh off his performance-enhancing drug scandal, a new report from the National Enquirer claims Rodriguez has reportedly set his sights on “Footloose” actress and former “Dancing with the Stars” professional Julianne Hough. While the 38-year-old MLB player has previously dated blonde, Hollywood beauties, the New York Yankees star was reportedly recently shut down by the A-lister. “Alex thinks he could really hit it off with Julianne,” said a source despite Hough, 25, turning down his request for a date in favor of her ex-boyfriend, TV and radio personality Ryan Seacrest.

While his first attempts at wooing the Utah native were declined, Hough is allegedly considering dating Rodriguez. “He’s asked her out through their reps, and she’s seriously considering it,” said the insider, who also claims Hough may only accept the date to upset her ex who has reportedly moved on with Sports Illustrated model Dominique Piek. “She’s still hooked on Ryan,” said the source. “The only reason she’s even considering a date with Alex is to make him jealous.”

The report comes six months after Seacrest, 38, and Hough announced their split after three years of dating. People magazine was the first to report that the longtime couple parted ways due to Hough’s hectic movie career and Seacrest’s jam packed “American Idol” filming schedule.

Despite claims that Hough turned down Rodriguez for her former beau, just two months ago she was rumored to have moved on with film director Ari Sandel. According to a report from the Daily Mail, the entertainment industry professional, best known for his work on Academy award-winning film “West Bank Story,” was spotted leaving Hough’s West Hollywood, Calif. home during the early morning hours of July 19. A source also revealed to TMZ that the rumored twosome had been spotted enjoying a romantic dinner at L.A. hot spot Nobu just days earlier.

Hough and Rodriguez have yet to comment on the dating rumors on either of their official social media accounts.