Alicia Vikander has opened up about filming uncomfortable sex scenes and how she did not feel "protected" on the sets.

"The only thing that can’t be improvised is an intimate scene – you have to make choreography and stick to it," Vikander said. "It’s the worst thing ever to do those scenes. I am very comfortable with my body and I’ve done quite a bit of nudity and sex scenes, but it’s never easy," Harper’s Bazaar UK reported Tuesday.

Vikander explained she felt vulnerable, even though there were intimacy coordinators on the sets to ensure nothing becomes uncomfortable or goes wrong for the actors. "I’ve been in situations that were not fine, where I didn’t feel I was protected."

However, the 33-year-old actress didn't reveal the name of the project she was working on when this incident took place.

The actress said one of the scenes had everyone busy doing their own work and "in the middle, you have an actor who sits there naked for a couple of hours. And someone is supposed to arrive with a robe, and they don’t. It comes afterwards – [the knowledge that] that was not right. I should have been looked after."

Vikander also shared she gets "excited about dressing up" when it comes to premieres as people wait to see the dresses on the red carpet.

"People come and see us at a premiere dressed up and walking these carpets, and that’s fun, of course. But that’s the illusion of what the industry is," she added, before saying it's "interest, and passion, and a will to make something. It’s four months where a bunch of strangers work 15-hour days, six days a week, and don’t sleep."

On the personal front, Vikander married actor Michael Fassbender in 2017. The couple welcomed a son named Mark last year. "In my little family, with my husband and my child, we travel together, always. That’s the rule," she added. "We do jobs so one of us can always be with the baby."

On the work front, the actress is currently filming the "Irma Vep" TV series and she will next feature in the movies like "Firebrand" and "Tomb Raider 2."

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