• Austin Harrouff attacked John Stevens and his wife Michelle Mischon with a machete
  • He was biting chunks off Stevens' face when the police arrived at the scene
  • Months after the attack, he said he was being chased by a demon at the time of the incident

Austin Harrouff, previously accused of a cannibalistic double murder in Florida, may never go to prison. He was deemed not guilty Monday by reason of insanity for the 2016 murders of John Stevens and his wife Michelle Mischon.

The court's decision was criticized by the victims' family members, who had waited for the proceedings to resume after back-to-back delays. "White, rich boy justice," Mischon's sister said while describing the outcome, according to the New York Post.

Austin, who was 19 at the time of the crime, attacked Mischon and Stevens with a machete. Cops said Austin was biting chunks off Steven's face when they arrived at the scene. While officials avoided firing shots, an electric gun and a police dog were used to control the situation.

What Do We Know About Austin Harrouff?

Austin, now 25, is a former student at Florida State University. He was pursuing a degree in exercise science from the institution, AP News reported. He was also deeply involved in sports and specialized in football and wrestling. He had no criminal record prior to the incident.

Austin had been acting strange before the incident, according to his parents. They also gave a detailed account of how Austin had been behaving before the killings.

Wade Harrouff, Austin's father, said they were having dinner at a restaurant when his son suddenly got up and left. Austin then reportedly walked to his mother's house and attempted to drink cooking oil.

When taken back to the restaurant, Austin was confronted by his father. "What is wrong with you?" he asked before Austin raised his fist, according to the outlet. Austin then left the restaurant on foot, nearly 45 minutes before the brutal attack was reported.

His mother reportedly called 911 and said Austin was claiming he had superpowers and was acting delusional.

Months after the killings, Austin reportedly told psychologist Phil McGraw that he was trying to escape a demon called Daniel at the time.

When asked about the attack, Harrouff said that "it was a blur" to him. "I don't remember what she said — I just remember being yelled at," Austin said, as per AP News. "It's like it happened, but I wasn't aware of it."

Representational image of a machete Taylor Daugherty/Unsplash