During an never-before-seen interview with Dr. Phil, Austin Harrouff says he was running from a demon before attacking and killing two people.
Dr. Phil McGraw, television personality and psychologist, talks about cyber-bullying during a hearing of the Healthy Families and Communities Subcommittee of the U.S. House Committee on Education and Labor, on Capitol Hill in Washington, on June 24, 2010. REUTERS

Austin Harrouff, 20, was reportedly running from a demon-like figure before he attacked and killed two people in Florida back in August, according to reports. In a video released by authorities Tuesday, Harrouff tells Phillip “Dr. Phil” McGraw that he “never planned it” and “didn’t want to do it” while discussing the murders of John Stevens and Michelle Mishcon.

Harrouff, who was accused of stabbing the couple to death before eating their faces and reportedly maiming a third person, was charged with first-degree murder in October. The Florida State University student was first spotted eating parts of Stevens’ face and stomach by neighbor Jeff Fisher, who Harrouff reportedly stabbed when he tried to stop the attack. Fisher survived after being airlifted to and treated at a nearby hospital where he released several days later.

Following the killings, Harrouff spoke with McGraw during an exclusive interview from his hospital bed. The interview was initially scheduled for release in October, however, it was pulled for unknown reasons.

In the video clip, Harrouff cries while recounting very little memories of the attack, including being chased by a demon-like figure named Daniel.

"It’s like, it happened but I don’t, the story ... it happened, but like, I wasn't aware of it at the time. I remember ... the dog," Harrouff said.

At the time of the attack, authorities suspected Harrouff could have been under the influence of Flakka or another bath salt-like substance. However, toxicology test proved that he didn’t have any substance of that nature in his system. Although Harrouff denied taking steroids, he was unable to comment on whether or not he drank something before the killings.

Harrouff’s defense team initially tried to block the release the video of the boy’s interview with McGraw, however, a judge overruled the motion allowing the video to be made public. The full 20-minute interview is scheduled to air on “Dr. Phil” on Thursday at 4 p.m EST.