There is no question “Dancing With the Stars” fans are still not feeling the host switch-up in Season 29, but following the snafu during Week 4’s elimination, the hate for Tyra Banks has continued to grow—especially since it wasn’t the first questionable moment that has occurred since she took over for former hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews.

In fact, Banks has had to defend her hosting style more than once since taking over on the ABC show, due to a number of missed jokes, issues like flubbed lines and moments where she was accused of pulling focus. Here are all the ways fans have felt the host has screwed up throughout the season.

Her Premiere Night “Wardrobe Malfunction”

Tyra Banks DWTS2
Tyra Banks is pictured hosting during Season 29, Week 1 of “Dancing With the Stars.” Eric McCandless/ABC

Banks had a series of what seemed to be snafus during her first night as a host, which could have been chalked up to nerves, since it was no secret from the beginning that fans were not happy to see her take over the job that Bergeron had been doing since the show’s first season. However, one of the biggest moments which drew attention and ire was her focus on her own “wardrobe malfunction.”

After speaking with Nelly and his partner, Daniella Karagach, following their Salsa, she asked the rapper if it felt weird dancing to his own song, and after his answer, she went on to reveal that one of her earrings had fallen out during the segment.

“What’s also weird is I just lost an earring,” she said at the time. “And I promised everybody that I’m going to keep it real real. This earring, I might pass it to you Carrie Ann [Inaba].”

As the judges then prepared to announce the couple’s scores, as they looked on with seemingly uncomfortable looks on their faces, Banks then yelled to Inaba to catch the earring, shouting “Score!” when she seemingly did.

The Week 2 “Smize” Sketch

One thing Banks was known for during her “America’s Next Top Model” days was trying to teach hopefuls about her “Smize” technique—or smiling with the eyes. She then attempted to bring it into “DWTS” as part of a Week 2 opening sketch featuring the celebs, who were nervous about the impending first elimination. However, the entire thing fell flat, which showed a mistake on Banks’ part as a new Executive Producer on the series as well.

Week 2 Mistakes

Tyra Banks DWTS
Tyra Banks is pictured hosting during Season 29, Week 2 of “Dancing With the Stars.” Eric McCandless/ABC

The sketch wasn’t the only thing that went wrong on the show’s second week, as Banks flubbed lines more than a few times throughout the night—a move she had to later defend by stating that she wasn’t going to be perfect—admitting she was intentionally not always reading off the teleprompter.

“If I didn’t want to mess up, if I wanted to be perfect, I know how to do that,” she told Us Weekly after the episode aired. “There’s a very clear way as a host that you just read the words and you’re perfect and you know exactly how to do that...I know how to read a prompter perfectly, but I also skip around prompter to make it as real as possible, knowing that when you skip around prompter, you’re going to mess up. It’s just normal and it keeps it real.”

She also took to Tik Tok to defend her mistakes after the episode which led to another controversial remark—where she pointed out Skai Jackson’s misstep during her routine with Alan Bersten the night before, comparing the two incidents and stating that the 18-year-old actress had also messed up, and like her, she was going to keep coming back every week even if she was making mistakes. However, that move was also considered distasteful, with several wondering why she felt the need to mention the actress

Week 4 Elimination Blunder

Of course, the biggest mistake Banks has been criticized for is also her most recent one, which occurred during the Week 4 results and elimination. After telling 10 of the 13 couples they were safe, Anne Heche and Keo Motsepe, Vernon Davis and Peta Murgatroyd and Chrishell Stause and Gleb Savchenko were all still on the floor, when Banks then announced that Davis and Murgatroyd and Heche and Motsepe were the Bottom Two. She quickly realized three teams were on the floor and noted she had to find out what was going on.

She then realized that neither #TeamSellingIt or #TeamDavisIsDancing were in the bottom and that Monica Aldama and Val Chmerkovskiy, who she had previously called as safe, were in the Bottom Two with #TeamAK. As the other two teams exited the floor, she called and begged for the “Cheer” coach and her pro partner to come back to the floor.

In the end, Aldama and Chmerkovskiy were saved by the judges, who opted to send Heche and Motsepe home.

“Dancing With the Stars” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.