Allen Iverson and Newt Gingrich are just the latest celebrity jewelry fiends to be be embarassed by their undying love for bling.

Allen Iverson, aka The Answer, apparently didn't live up to his nickname in 2010, when Aydin & Company Jewelers sued him for not paying a $375,000 bill for jewelry he bought there, TMZ reported this week. Rather than being The Answer, the former NBA star apparently played the part of the The Ignorer, never even responding to the suit, according to TMZ, and now a judge in Georgia is garnishing his wages to pay a default judgement of $859,896.46 (the number ballooned when the former 76er failed to answer the jeweler's lawsuit.)

But Allen Iverson is not the first celebrity jewelry fiend to be embarassed by their infatuation with shiny things.

Republican presidential primary candidate Newt Gingrich also found himself being excoriated by the press over his jewelry habit when his massive, six-figure Tiffany & Co. tab (valued at between $500,000 and $1 millon) was publicized. He spent the money on a number of items--including an expensive diamond necklace--for his wife, Callista.

This slideshow is a rogue's gallery is a photo tour of some of the top celebrities whose love for jewelry has embarassed them the most over the years.