On Dec. 23, 2019, Allyson Watterson was reported missing. Prior to her disappearance, the 20-year-old had last been seen on a hike with her boyfriend, Benjamin Garland. Since then, search efforts have continued to try to locate the missing woman, but they have proven unsuccessful in determining her whereabouts.

However, on Feb. 29, items that reportedly belonged to the missing Oregon woman were recovered near North Plains.

According to KGW8, police recovered the items near Pumpkin Ridge Road, but law enforcement officials declined to specifically identify what they found. As stated by Fox 12, a real estate agent showing a house made the discovery.

The location of the personal belongings follows official search efforts that began on Dec. 24. However, police called off the search on Dec. 28 of last year.

This development follows a previous undisclosed discovery by the police. At that time, Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy Tony Morris stated that he was not free to say what it was, but that it played a big enough role to change the trajectory of the investigation. He had also indicated that the "interesting items and clues" that were found would cause the investigation to "slow down quite a bit."

Following the conclusion of the search efforts, Watterson's mother, Misty Watterson, spoke to NBC's "Dateline" about her daughter's disappearance and the unusual amount of time that had transpired between her daughter's last known location and the time when Garland's father, Don Garland, initially reported her missing.

"Thirty hours. I just can't believe it. She could be anywhere," Misty said. "She's out there somewhere and we just need to find her."

Throughout the months that followed, Watterson's boyfriend has remained on law enforcement's radar. Following her disappearance, he was subsequently arrested for unrelated charges, including identity theft and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. He has also been accused of violating his probation, which stemmed from a 2017 case.

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