For the third time since November, racist fliers appeared on Texas State University's campus this week, according to multiple reports Tuesday.

Posters from the white nationalist group American Vanguard led to anger from many students. The posters were headlined with the phrases "for a white America" and "we have a right to exist." Another headline, "take your country back," appealed directly to white men. 

"Look around white man. Is this the country your ancestors died for? Is this the country that you want your children to grow up in. Globalist traitors are destroying your race and heritage through open borders, affirmative action, and Marxist 'political correctness' This is only the beginning. Take a stand!" a poster read, according to the Austin American-Statesman.

Similarly racist posters promoting American Vanguard — self-described as "white Americans fighting for our home, heritage, and people" — have been posted at colleges across the country, including the University of Massachusetts and the University of Maryland

Texas State University, located in the city of San Marcos, has seen two other similar incidents since November. One poster called for torturing university leaders who promote diversity while another sought people to report suspected "illegal" employees and students, according to the Statesman. 

Texas State's student body is 47 percent white, 36 percent Hispanic/Latino and 10 percent black, according to the College Board

"We're all pretty outraged at the thought that someone would put those around, especially with a campus that's as diverse as Texas State," junior Reba Jenson told KVUE in Austin.

Other Texas universities have seen similar issues. In the immediate aftermath of the election, Southern Methodist University saw posters headlined "why white women shouldn't date black men," according to New York Magazine. The posters listed so-called reasons like "he's much more likely to abuse you" and "your kids probably won't be smart" before suggesting people “take the red pill and meet the alt-right at"

Radix Journal is the site of white nationalist Richard Spencer, who gained attention for what appeared to be a Nazi salute as rally supporters yelled, "Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!" Spencer also recently achieved viral fame for being punched in the face during an interview.