Amal Clooney
Amal Clooney was not impressed when E! News presented her and George with a "game over" wedding present. Reuters

Newlyweds George and Amal Clooney received a surprise when they attended the 72nd Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills on Sunday. E! News correspondent Ryan Seacrest presented the couple, just married in September, with a wedding gift on the red carpet, but it not might have been what Amal had expected.

Seacrest held up a black T-shirt with a picture of a bride and groom that read “Game over,” referring to George's longtime reputation as a confirmed bachelor. George laughed it off, but Amal didn’t seem to be amused by the gesture. It probably didn’t help when E!’s camera crew opened their shirts to reveal they were wearing their own copies of the “gift” under their shirts.

The accomplished human rights lawyer drew praise by some commentators for her attire. She wore a black Dior Haute Couture dress with Harry Winston diamonds and her own white gloves, joking that she'd sewn them that morning. She appeared shy during her interview with Seacrest and then didn’t talk much after the “present” was revealed.

Earlier in the interview, when the Clooneys were speaking with Seacrest, the correspondent asked George about receiving the Cecil B. DeMille award, which is given to people who have achieved "outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment." When asked if the accolade felt “fulfilling,” George responded: “I’ve had a funny career. I’ve had a lot of failures and successes.” Then he added, “I feel very lucky.”

Another "honor" bestowed on the actor that evening was to make sure no one stepped on the train of his wife’s dress. “He’s on train duty,” Amal said, and then added he was “really good” and “really helpful.”

Later on, the couple snubbed Giuliana Rancic when they met up on the Golden Globes red carpet. When Rancic asked them to do a shot of George’s tequila Casamigos, they both declined. Amal politely said she’s tasted it before and George said he had to speak later.

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