Actress Amanda Bynes was arrested Sunday for suspected DUI and was released on bail. Pictured, Bynes arrives for a court hearing in Manhattan, July 9, 2013. Bynes was charged with reckless endangerment and attempted tampering with physical evidence after she threw a bong out of her New York City apartment in May 2013. Reuters

Amanda Bynes was arrested for drunk driving around 3 a.m. Sunday in Los Angeles, said the California Highway Patrol, which confirmed the arrest to E! News. The 28-year-old actress was charged with a misdemeanor DUI and released on $15,000 bail around 12:45 Sunday afternoon from the police station in Van Nuys, about 12 miles northwest of Hollywood.

Bynes’ DUI court date is Oct. 23, according to reports. The actress is still serving a three-year probation sentence for a 2012 DUI arrest.

The former Nickelodeon actress and star of “She’s the Man” and “Hairspray” has kept a low profile since her arrest in 2013 in New York City for throwing a bong from a 36th-floor Manhattan apartment. She was charged with reckless endangerment, attempting to tamper with evidence and illegal possession of marijuana.

The bong-throwing incident was just one of many incidents of strange behavior from Bynes last year. In July 2013, the troubled actress was hospitalized under a 72-hour mental health watch in Thousand Oaks, California, after she allegedly started a small fire in the driveway of a stranger’s home. Bynes’ mother was given temporary conservatorship over her medical care after a judge said Bynes had “a lack of capacity to give informed consent.” She was released from treatment in December.