Former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes probably has a secret Twitter account. If it’s true, she goes by the alias “Ashley Banks,” which is under the handle @PersianLa27. The page was first uncovered by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton back in 2014. More than two years later, Bynes/Banks, is active on the page once more.

The person behind @PersianLa27 denied that Bynes was the author in a statement to the International Business Times. “My name is Ashley! Ashley Banks! Please stop referring to me as Amanda, because my name is not Amanda,” she wrote Wednesday afternoon. “It is Ashley! Amanda is a very bad person and an actress. I am a fashion designer! Please stop misinterpreting my tweets for something that they are not! Please and many thanks! XoxoAB”

While it’s completely possible it could be someone impersonating Bynes, the style of the tweets are written in the same tone. She asked Hollywood Life to take down the article the news outlet wrote about Bynes possibly using an alias, begging for money through a GoFundMe account. “Please delete that article my name is Ashley and I do not have a GoFundMe!” she wrote. “Thanks!”

Even though the tweet where she asked for cash through a fundraiser was apparently removed, the rest of the page remains. “I'm thinking about attending this expensive selfie class in LA, I must find the perfect angle for my face but the class is really expensive!” @PersianLa27 said in one message.

In one post, @PersianLa27 tweeted a picture that is obviously of Bynes and wrote, “FYI I love staring at myself in photos and taking mental notes of what cosmetic procedures that I need done next.” She also responded to a message from a netizen who wrote about holding the door open for Bynes. “Thanks, b----,” she tweeted.

Bynes took to her verified Twitter account Wednesday, which has the handle @amandabynes, writing, “Hi everybody! I haven’t tweeted in a long time and I want to say hi! I’ve been really busy at FIDM, and I just finished my midterms.” It’s the first time the page has been active since February.

For the record, school is just starting in most parts of the country. Midterms are weeks away.

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