It’s been almost a year since fans last saw a new episode of “The Amazing Race,” and while being quarantined from the world due to COVID-19, many are eager for the look around the world that “Amazing Race” gives them. Now, they are finally getting an answer about when the show will be back.

According to a press release from CBS, the series will finally premiere its long-awaited 32nd season on Wednesday, May 20. The news comes shortly after host Phil Keoghan hinted an announcement was coming in regards to the long-delayed episodes, which were filmed in 2018 but never given an official home on the network’s schedule.

As for what fans can expect on Season 32, it was revealed a while back that the show was going to go back to its roots when it came to the teams participating after a few seasons of using different gimmicks when it came to casting, including a showdown between former “Race,” “Survivor” and “Big Brother” contestants, social media stars and single competitors who formed teams at the starting line.

In addition, the season will also include a mix of both new and familiar destinations to longtime fans. While places like Paris France, Berlin Germany, Asuncion Paraguay, Almaty Kazakhstan, Siem Reap Cambodia, Manila The Philippines and even New Orleans Louisiana have been seen before on the show, teams will visit a few new cities and a new country.

According to Reality Fan Forum, teams will head to Bogota in Colombia, Manaus in Brazil and Hyderabad in India. While those countries have all been visited before, the cities are all places that may be unfamiliar to fans. In addition, for the first time ever, the series is heading to Trinidad and Tobago, where they will visit the Port of Spain.

“Amazing Race” returns to CBS on May 20.

Amazing Race
Phil Keoghan is pictured on an episode of “The Amazing Race.”  Elizabeth Morris/CBS