We may not be seeing it until next year, but there’s already plenty of information out there in regards to Season 32 of “The Amazing Race.”

From where the teams will travel, to who will be participating, fans of the CBS reality competition series don’t have to wait to know some key details about what to expect—even if watching it play out on TV is something that won’t happen for a while.

Here’s everything we know about the new race so far.

Filming Was Completed Last Year

The new season won’t officially air until more than one year after its conclusion, as the season wrapped up filming back in December when Nola.com reported the series had filmed its final leg in New Orleans. CBS meanwhile, has confirmed that the show is slated to return for the new season, but it is currently slated for a midseason date—meaning it isn’t expected to begin airing until sometime in 2020.

The Series Is Going “Back To Basics”

Host Phil Keoghan confirmed to Gold Derby last month that the show wasn’t really using any gimmicks in the new season or casting stunts, choosing instead to return to the roots that made the show famous.

“We’re wanting to get back to a lot of the core elements of ‘Race,’ having come off this season where we pulled in people from various seasons from different shows,” he said. “We went back to basics for 32. All the things to me that make the show work...But at the end of the day, fans like the fact that there are certain things they can expect from the show and they want to see those things again and again.”

The Cast Will Be A More Eclectic Bunch

According to Reality Fan Forum, the cast really will be returning to roots, pairing several teams that have prior relationships who are also completely foreign to fans, as well as throwing some teams into the mix who may be better known. Season 31 runner-up Korey Kuhl confirmed previously that one team is fellow Youtubers Will Jardel and James Wallington, a.k.a the “Backing Boyfriends.” In addition, according to RFF, Olympic Hurdlers LaVonne Idlette and Kellie Wells, Pro Beach Volleyball players Maddison and Riley McKibben and former NFL stars DeAngelo Williams and Gary Barnidge will also be racing.

The Season Will Visit Some New Locations

While the race will return to some familiar locations to longtime fans, the show will be taking them to several parts of the world it hasn’t before. Not only will they be visiting Trinidad and Tobago for the first time, but it will also visit Bogota in Colombia, Manaus in Brazil and Hyderabad in India for the first time as well.

Amazing Race Phil Keoghan is pictured on an episode of “The Amazing Race.”  Photo: Elizabeth Morris/CBS