There is both good news and some not so good news for “Amazing Race” fans as they continue waiting for word on the show’s delayed arrival on CBS. While we now have an idea of when we will finally get to see Season 32 play out on screen, the fate of the show’s halted 33rd season isn’t as certain.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl revealed that Season 32 would air in the Fall, following “Survivor” with a Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EDT timeslot. An actual premiere date has not been officially set, but the reason for the show being pulled from a planned May 20 premiere date and late spring run was due to COVID-19 and the chance that other shows which would traditionally air in the Fall being unable to air on time due to continued set shutdowns. In order to assure they would have content to air, “Amazing Race” was moved.

However, while an idea of when Season 32, which wrapped filming in December 2018 might be reassuring to fans who are eagerly awaiting new episodes, the fate of Season 33, which was halted midway through production due to the Coronavirus, is less certain, While Kahl was hopeful both that and Season 41 of “Survivor” would be able to begin filming again at some point, she admitted that due to social distancing and other restrictions the world will be enacting, it will be harder to get them back into production.

“In terms of ‘Survivor’ and ‘The Amazing Race,’ we’ll get those into production as soon as we can safely get back into production,” she told Deadline. “That’s going to be a little more complicated because we literally have to navigate some international waters.”

However, while there could be a delay in filming the show (meaning another delay in those new episodes airing), there is no reason to suspect the show will be canceled because when it has a chance to film again, every safety precaution will be taken.

“If we get back into production [on ‘The Amazing Race’], you can trust that we have plotted out all of the safe and smart ways of doing it,” she added. “Some countries are more affected than others and these producers are some of the best in the business and they will plot out a race that sticks to countries that are safe.”

Amazing Race
“Amazing Race’ host Phil Keoghan is pictured in a Season 32 promotional image. Sonja Fleming/CBS