The second, yet not-so-heroic follow up to Amazon's "The Boys" has finally finished filming. A suspected multitude of new heroes, adventures, and zany twists are in the works for the reprisal of Amazon's newly beloved show.

Star Karl Urban took to Instagram Wednesday to share a picture of himself with co-stars Erin Moriarty and Las Alonso. The caption reads, “Cut and print! That’s a wrap for Billy Butcher on season 2 of @theboystv.”


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“The Boys” Season 2 premiere is expected some time in mid-2020, and fans have plenty of hints to digest when it comes to what they may see. Much like the star of the series, showrunner Eric Kripke has been teasing a variety of concepts that will be inherent in his second season. Main among them are newer characters, such as the Crimson Countess, Storefront, and an as-of-yet unknown character played by Patton Oswalt.

Bleeding Cool also reported on a new character Kripke teased on Thursday. In what looks to be a Vietnam War poster advertising tobacco, the new character poses with a cigarette and a toothy smile. So enters Soldier Boy, who comic book fans will remember has various alter egos.

With Soldier Boy and Crimson Countess being added to the roster, Season 2 of “The Boys” seems to be gearing up for its introduction of Payback, a parody on Marvel’s Avengers.

However, if waiting for Season 2 is too much for eager fans, they can get caught up still on Season one in the meantime. In case they've forgotten, the series ended on a cliffhanger where Urban's character, Butcher, confronted his long lost wife, only to find that she fostered the son of Highlander.

“The Boys” makes its slightly non-heroic return mid-2020.

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Chace Crawford as The Deep on Amazon’s “The Boys.” Amazon / Jan Thijs