• Amber Heard previously accused Johnny Depp of abusing her
  • Before the audio recordings were leaked, sympathy was given to Amber Heard
  • Amber Heard previously claimed that she has physical evidence to prove Johnny Depp's abuse

Amber Heard previously placed all of the blame on Johnny Depp following their divorce in 2016. The “Aquaman” star also filed for a domestic violence restraining order against her ex-husband at that time.

Prior to a series of audio recording leaks, Heard wrote in her court documents, as obtained by E! News that she endured excessive physical, emotional, and verbal abuse from Depp. The actress also claimed that her ex-husband humiliated and threatened to assault her on multiple occasions.

Months later, a video showing Depp throwing a wine bottle and a glass in the kitchen while Heard was there was leaked. Initial rumors claimed that it was the actress that leaked the footage, but Heard denied the allegations.

Later that month, the former couple reached a $7 million divorce settlement, and the money that Heard received from Depp was donated in full to the American Civil Liberties Union and to the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

In 2017, Heard released a statement via her lawyers saying that she is not delaying her divorce proceedings from Depp. After all, she wants nothing more than to be divorced from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star.

Months later, Depp told GQ that what hurt him the most was how he was presented to be something that he was not. Heard accused Depp of all sorts of abuse, but new audio recordings confirmed that it was actually the other way around.

In fact, Heard also admitted to using makeup to fake her bruises to place Depp in such a negative light. Now, the majority of the actress’s supporters and critics are urging her to be removed from the “Aquaman” franchise.

But before the leak, Heard accused Depp of psychologically abusing her.

“One need only look at the physical evidence to draw the proper conclusion,” her lawyers told Page Six. Unfortunately, Heard’s so-called physical evidence has been proven to be fake.

Amber Heard, Johnny Depp
“London Fields,” the movie that supposedly ended Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s marriage, is set to be released before the end of the year. Getty Images/Ian Gavan