American Crime” Season 3 premiered on Sunday night with timely storylines such as immigration, sex trafficking and drug addiction. A slew of new characters were also introduced in the hit ABC TV series.

Episode 1 kicked off with a Spanish-speaking character alerting authorities of a dead body floating in the river in North Carolina. No other details about the shocking incident were tackled in the premiere. A character named Kimara (Regina King) was also introduced. She is a woman who is extremely dedicated whem it comes to her work. She deals with teen victims of sex trade and encourages them to have a better life. However, Kimara has some personal struggles of her own. She doesn’t have enough money to pay her cable bills, and her IVF treatments aren’t working either.

Kimara later on crosses paths with Shae (Ana Mulvoy Ten), a teenage sex trafficking victim, after she gets busted by police officials at the motel room with an elderly male client. Kimara is assigned as Shae’s social worker.

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Meanwhile, “American Crime” also released an impactful storyline about immigration through the stories of Laurie Ann Hesby (Cherry Jones) and Luis Salazar (Benito Martinez). Laurie runs the Hesby Farms with her two brothers, but their competition is making it impossible for them to generate a steady income. In order to maintain their business, the Hesbys consider hiring cheap workers.

One such worker is an immigrant named Luis. The character came to the United States hoping for a better life, but when he starts working at the farm, he realizes that people like him are essentially like modern slaves.

In other news, Felicity Huffman also stars in “American Crime” as Jeannette, the wife of one of Laurie’s brothers. It is her goal to help her financially unstable sister.

“American Crime” Season 3 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.