American Crime” Season 3, episode 4 recently saw the death of Isaac (Richard Cabral).

In the installment, Isaac first killed Luis’ (Benito Martinez) missing child, Teo (Andrew Steven Hernandez). In an attempt to give his son the justice he deserves, Luis lured Isaac into a secluded place with the help of Coy (Connor Jessup) and shot him there in cold blood. But even though Isaac has also been killed off, Cabral said that his character will still be part of the remainder for Season 3.

“You will definitely see him in flashbacks. It’s at the end. Everybody that dies on this season comes back. And you seem them. I do come back and other people who have passed away come back… I think there’s a glimpse of how he becomes what he becomes,” he told TV Guide.

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Meanwhile, Cabral confirmed that there are only eight episodes this season on “American Crime.” Since the series is very short, storylines will unfold very quickly. When asked if there will be more deaths, the actor said that it won’t be called “American Crime” if Isaac is the last character to be murdered.

“This is ‘American Crime.’ People die. I feel like they brought it back to the essence of that punch you in the face right from the start. There are only eight episodes! We have to get down and dirty really quick. We don’t have the luxury of 13!” he said.

American Crime” Season 3 follows the lives of Kimara (Regina King), a woman who is actively involved in the lives of teenage sex trafficking victims. She develops a close relationship with Shae (Ana Multoy Ten), who recently tried to get an abortion after her pimp got her pregnant. The series also tackles storylines about immigration through the Hesby family made up of Luis and Laurie Anne (Cherry Jones).