American Horror Story: Cult
Kai’s (Evan Peters) thirst for power continues to have deadly consequences on “American Horror Story: Cult,” episode 5. FX

Kai’s extreme desire for power seems to have become insatiable on “American Horror Story: Cult.” Although the young man promises justice for the community after a slew of murders, on episode 5, “Holes,” it seems like he is more interested in gaining the residents’ trust by making them feel unsafe.

Check out these 3 things you should expect to see on “American Horror Story” Season 7, episode 5.

1. Kai Helps Beverly Craft Fake News

In the “Holes” promo, Beverly (Adina Porter) is seen sitting in front of a computer with Kai (Evan Peters), where it looks like the two are editing a news report. While staring at the screen, Kai instructs Beverly on how to structure what they are working on.

Later on, Beverly is seen speaking to Gary (Chaz Bono) and Harrison (Billy Eichner), where she reveals that gaining power consists of telling people what they want to hear.

“The world isn’t tell me, it’s show me,” she explains.

At work, Beverly is reprimanded by her boss, who tells her to stop reporting fake news. However, the seasoned reporter is seen leaving the office while bursting into laughter. Since she has put her trust in Kai, Beverly seems to be determined to do whatever is necessary to make sure they both reach their desired positions of power.

2. The Murders Continue

American Horror Story: Cult
On “American Horror Story: Cult,” episode 5, Beverly (Adina Porter) will report news that create fear in the residents of Michigan. FX

In the promo for the FX series, Beverly is seen reporting on another murder, and it looks like the newscaster is taking things into her own hands this time around. During her report, she warns viewers that the images they are about to see are disturbing.

In the next scene, several clowns are seen standing over someone, with one person recording what is in front of them. A clown is then seen creeping up behind a man while attempting to stab him with a knife. Could the latest murder all be a part of a scheme to get the public’s attention?

3. Kai Incites Fear

“People aren’t scared enough,” Kai says. In the past, Kai has said that if you make people scared enough, you can set the world on fire, and it is clear that he believes his key to power is fear.

Joining forces with Beverly, Kai now has a platform--the nightly news--where can he can talk about everything that is wrong with the world and how he plans to fix it. In the “American Horror Story: Cult,” episode 5 promo, Beverly can be seen interviewing Kai, as the aspiring leader attempts to persuade the community to support him.

During his on-camera interview, Kai tells viewers that the government will not protect them in the midst of the murdering spree, but they can count on him to make things right.

“I alone will bring these killers to justice,” he says.

In “AHS: Cult” episode 4, there were several details revealed about Kai that hinted he was behind the murders in town. If he is the person in charge of the killers, it won’t be hard for him to stop the murders and get the community on his side. Will Kai’s plan for power actually work?

“American Horror Story: Cult” episode 5 will air Tuesday at 10 p.m. EDT on FX.