“American Horror Story” fans better get ready for a little witchcraft. The hit FX miniseries is currently shooting its third season, “Coven,” and the premiere date has finally been released. So, when can fans expect to sink their teeth into the latest spooky drama? Wednesday, Oct. 9!

SpoilerTV dug up the premiere date from Foxfast.com, where they also managed to find the first three episode titles for “Coven”:

Episode 1: “Bitchcraft” -- To be shown Oct. 9

Episode 2: “Boy Parts” -- To be shown Oct. 16

Episode 3: “The Replacements” -- To be shown Oct. 23

Although a couple of months remain before viewers can feast on “American Horror Story: Coven,” the cast and crew did dish out some spoilers during the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour.


As was the case with the first season of “American Horror Story,” subsequently subtitled “Murder House,” the third season of the series, subtitled “Coven,” will have a strong theme of “family.” According to executive producer Tim Minear, “Oppression of minorities of all kinds” will also be a major theme this season.

Sarah Paulson And Jessica Lange

The characters played by “American Horror Story” stars Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange have had very different relationships over the past two seasons. In season one, the pair had a friendship, with Paulson acting as a psychic friend to Lange’s Constance. Season two found the two going head-to-head as Paulson tried to expose the corruption of Briarcliff Asylum, where Lange’s Sister Jude ran the show. In “Coven,” we now know that Paulson will be playing Lange’s daughter. It’s also confirmed that Lange will be playing a witch, but no word on whether her daughter will be one as well.

Witches Vs. ...

Witches will definitely have a presence this season -- but so will “historical characters.” Newcomer Angela Bassett will be playing Marie Laveau, a character who is based on a real-life iconic New Orleans resident of the same name. What do you think about the new “American Horror Story” spoilers? Are you looking forward to the Oct. 9 premiere date? Let us know in the comments.