“American Horror Story: Coven” returns to FX on Wednesday, Jan. 8, with episode 10, “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks.” But if you haven’t watched episode 9, “Head,” you might want to stop reading now. “Head” introduced a new villain who's even bigger than witch hunter Hank – “The Corporation.” Lead by Hank’s father, Harrison, and his right-hand man, David, “The Corporation” has been working on eliminating the witch race – Voodoo and Salem alike.

Unfortunately The Corporation hit a little snag when Hank went AWOL and decided to gun down everyone in Marie Laveau’s Cornrow City. As viewers know things didn’t end well for Hank, who was killed when Queenie used her human voodoo doll power to blow his brains out. But that doesn’t mean that The Corporation is done with the witches.  International Business Times spoke to Mike Colter, who plays David, who dished about not only the upcoming battle for The Corporation but also what he would like to play if he's invited back for season 4 of “American Horror Story.”

IBTimes: We’re super excited for “American Horror Story” this Wednesday. Are you going to be in this week’s episode?


IBTimes: Were you a fan of the FX miniseries before you joined?

Colter: You know, oddly enough, I did not watch it prior to doing the show because my wife is afraid of a lot of things. She doesn’t watch any horror, anything “Walking Dead,” anything that has to do with creatures/zombies, but I’m a big fan of scary things. I was always watching it and looking at the trailers and going, “Wow, that looks interesting.” But I don’t control my own clicker. You know the woman controls the clicker, so I am kind of at her mercy. So after I went in for the job I realized I need to know more about this. So I started out with the first season and caught up that way. I love the series, I love the way it’s shot, I love the cinematography, I love the characters. It’s rich, it’s diverse, and it’s spooky, and really sick and demented, and I really like that about it.

IBTimes: So you weren’t afraid going in? Afraid of what your character might be like based on what you’ve seen?

Colter: No, when you go into something like this, you always know there’s a shelf-life. You’re not sure how long you’re going to be there or you’re not sure what’s going to happen. And you have to know that going into it. You just have to have fun with that and embrace whatever is going to happen because it is always going to be something interesting. If you’re on a show like “American Horror Story,” you’re not going to be walking the dog the entire episode and nothing is going to happen. There is going to be something that is going to happen and something surreal and magical. And I just couldn’t wait to see what I was going to be doing.

IBTimes: “American Horror Story” has a tendency to completely flip its characters. Nobody really saw Hank as the witch hunter.

Colter: I know!

IBTimes: When you went in, did you kind of know where your character was going?

Colter: No, a lot of times when you get these scripts – especially stuff nowadays with all the media and social media – they really are protective of the content, so oftentimes they’ll change the name or they won’t tell you the name of the character. They won’t even tell you the names of the characters you’re actually talking to. Now if you’re a fan of the show, you might be able to decipher who they are talking about, but often they are pretty good about it. Sometimes they’ll give you a scene that’s not even the right scene. It’ll just be a scene that is sort of like the scene that you’re going to be doing … I couldn’t connect the dots that my character was a witch hunter. I had no clue because up until that point they hadn’t even revealed that Hank was a witch hunter or that he had a father. It was very cool and kind of secretive -- but exciting.

IBTimes: Are we going to get to see the history of your character? Because he’s kind of a really big mystery right now.

Colter: From what I can see, the entire corporation, the corporation that is the witch hunters' Corporation, seems to be very ...mysterious. And that’s for a reason. I think to give too much history to kind of tell you exactly what everybody’s doing for the last hundred years and how he came to this point, I don’t think fans are necessarily interested in that. They’re just interested in seeing what’s going to happen now. Everyone knows witch hunters, you know, they go after witches. So you can explain exactly how that happened. but I think it’s more interesting to see what’s going to happen in the present day. It’s kind of cool to know that something is going on for hundreds of years, and this kind of feud has been going on and brewing for a long time now. And so now we’re a threat to them and we’re basically trying to stomp out all the witches. So it’s kind of cool in that regard. My character is mysterious, he’s the right-hand man of Hank’s father. He works for the corporation, he’s basically brought in to take care of some stuff when stuff gets sticky. And Hank wanted to be the right-hand man … but as you saw in [episode 9], when they were young, Hank kind of dropped the ball.

American Horror Story Josh Hamilton as Hank. Photo: Michele K. Short/FX

IBTimes: Your character had to clean up the mess with Hank and the fire-starter at the hotel. Is it going to be up to David now to clean up the Cornrow City massacre?

Colter: Well, this has obviously come to a head now. I think the witches have tried to ignore it and hope things go for the best and maybe they won’t have to deal with it. But in the next episode, what you’re going to see is that there is going to be some action taken by them and there may or may not be some spells cast,but we’ll see. I think the witches at this point have to be more on the offensive as opposed to defensive. Now that this has happened with Hank, I think that they’re basically a little nervous. So Fiona and Marie Laveau are going to have to work together because both of them are at stake, their futures are at stake. And it’s no longer enough for one witch to fight another witch. They need to kind of join forces. In the next episode we’re going to see some unification on the witches side and to try to get rid of the witch hunters. So it’s coming to a head. I think you’ll see next episode that something’s going to be done. Some action will be taken.

IBTimes: Who are you more afraid of? Do you think the Voodoo is more deadly or the Salem witches?

Colter: As the story goes, the Voodoo, Marie Laveau, she’s pretty much indestructible. She’s immortal. So it’s kind of hard not to be afraid of someone who is immortal. How do you deal with that? How do you address that? With Fiona, she’s the Supreme witch, but as you can see through the character she ages, she has weaknesses, she has faults and she has vulnerabilities. And as you can see she actually killed the Supreme before her … she is really nasty. I got to tell you, she is scary. She comes with some really weird spells and she stops at nothing to get what she wants. So, both of them are formidable opponents. But I think I’m going to say that I’m a little more afraid of Marie Laveau, as I don’t know what she can do to me.

IBTimes: The series has a history of recycling actors. Would you be interested in returning for a fourth season?

Colter: Yeah, that would be awesome. Who knows what they have in store for the next season. I think they leaked some stuff about what they’re doing next season, but who knows where it is going to go and who knows how actors fit in to those plans. But yeah, I’m game. It’s a fun series … I’d definitely be interested in giving it another run.

IBTimes: If you were invited back for next season, what would you like to do?

Colter: I don’t know. I think I’d like to be -- if I had my pick I’d want to have some kind of superpower. Something unique that would make me unhuman … It’s always fun to play something that is not human. Being a witch hunter, I’m human, so I’d like to be something unhuman.

You can check out Mike Colter as David on “American Horror Story: Coven” in episode 10, which airs on Wednesday, Jan. 8, at 10 p.m. on FX.