American Horror Story
Zoe and Madison visited the morgue in episode 2 of "American Horror Story: Coven." FX

The tricks and treats of “American Horror Story: Coven” continued in episode 2, “Boy Parts.”

In the premiere of season 3, viewers met Misty Day, a teen with the ability to bring things back to life … but she had the misfortune of being burned at the stake. Well it appears that Misty Day didn’t meet a gruesome fate because she was alive and well during the opening sequence … and bringing some alligators back to life to feast on the men who killed them.

“Boy Parts” finds Zoe and Madison dealing with the frat party in different ways. While Zoe is still distraught over Kyle's death, Madison feels differently, believing he was “living on borrowed time.” Things get a little intense, though, when the police show up at Miss Robichaux’s to ask questions. They are in possession of a photo of Zoe at the hospital and bring up the death of her high school boyfriend, so Zoe snaps under the pressure of the detectives and quickly admits to killing the boys.

But Zoe and Madison aren’t going to jail anytime soon. Supreme witch Fiona steps in, erasing the mind of the detectives and putting the girl in their place.

While the girls are not afraid of Fiona, they’re not afraid enough to stay out of trouble. Zoe follows Madison to the morgue, promising to pay her back for killing the guy that raped her. Madison’s way of paying Zoe back is by using a resurrection spell to bring Kyle back to life. But upon getting to the morgue they realize its going to be more difficult than they initially thought … because Kyle and the rest of the frat boys are in pieces.

“We build the perfect boyfriend,” Madison explains as she uses limbs from the other boys to piece Kyle together. With a body sewed up, Madison and Zoe perform the resurrection spell but their attempt fails.

While Madison gives up and heads outside, Zoe takes the opportunity to say goodbye to Kyle. Planting a kiss on him, she’s interrupted when a morgue worker walks in and finds her with the mangled body. But before Zoe can get in any trouble she’s rescued by a surprise knight in shining armor – Kyle. Rising from the dead like Frankenstein, Kyle brutally beats the morgue worker until Zoe peels him off him.

Zoe takes off with Kyle, apologizing for what happened to him and trying to explain the situation. But their night takes a turn for the even more bizarre when Misty Day pops up in the backseat of their car. Explaining that Zoe drew her out there, Misty helps heal Kyle with some herbs and reveals that Zoe is the first witch she has ever come across.

As Zoe deals with Kyle rising from the dead, Fiona is dealing with Madame LaLaurie … who should be dead after all these years. But LaLaurie doesn’t realize that she’s been buried for 180 years. The woman recounts her tale of drinking Marie Laveau’s “poison” and reawakening to find that her whole family had been hanged. Laveau promised LaLaurie’s punishment would be more painful than death. Tricked into drinking immortality, LaLaurie was sentenced to being alone and sealed in an unmarked grave for eternity.

In a wicked twist, LaLaurie is not the only one still alive from the 1800s. Marie Laveau is still alive as well and running a hair salon in the French Quarter.

Fiona goes to visit the voodoo queen and the two have a show off of power (with Fiona winning round one). The Supreme demands the immortality spell, telling Laveau that “you’re going to give it to me because I have something you want. But Laveau isn’t ready to bite just yet because she has a couple tricks up her sleeve … like the very alive Minotaur man that LaLaurie so cruelly created.

Other things we learned in episode 2 of “Coven”:

-Queenie joined Miss Robichaux’s after an unfortunate incident at a fast food chicken chain in Detroit in 2012. Queenie didn’t appreciate the way that a customer was talking to her and stuck her hand in the hot oil … giving the man serious burns.

-Queenie is the heir to Tichuba, a house slave in Salem and the first black slave accused of witchcraft.

-Cordelia and her husband Hank have been struggling to have a child. After fertility treatments fail Hank begs Cordelia to turn to magic. The pair perform a spell that involves them drawing each other’s blood and having sex in a ring of fire while snakes slither across them.

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