American Horror Story
Misty Day's fate will be revealed in episode 2 of "American Horror Story: Coven." Michele K. Short/FX

“American Horror Story: Coven” introduced a dozen new characters and killed off some during its Oct. 9 premiere, “Bitchcraft.” Fans of the FX mini-series already know a little bit about what’s going to happen to Evan Peters' character, Kyle, but how about Lily Rabe’s Misty Day?

Viewers caught a brief glimpse of Misty during episode 1. Like the girls at Miss Robichaux’s Academy in New Orleans, Misty Day is a witch. Carrying the ability to bring something back to life, her power was discovered by her religious town and the episode showed her being tied up and burned alive … in the modern day. It appears as if the Coven couldn’t get to Misty in time, but a news report in the premiere teased that the teen might not be dead … but just “missing.”

So, what happened to poor Misty Day? E! Online reports that viewers will learn more about Misty Day’s fate in episode 2, “Boy Parts.”

Lily Rabe’s character will appear in the opening scene of the Oct. 16 episode, and shockingly she won’t be engulfed in flames. Instead the witch will somehow be interacting “with one of the four students.”

“You know on this show just because you died on camera doesn’t mean that you’re dead, ever,” co-creator Ryan Murphy teased.

It’s unclear if Misty’s power of bringing things back to life saved her own life, or if she’s appearing to one of the Miss Robichaux students through a vision. So far it doesn’t appear as if any of the girls has the power to communicate with the dead. In episode 1 of “Coven” we learned that Nan has the power of clairvoyance, Queenie is a human voodoo doll, Madison can move things with her mind and Zoe can kill someone by having sex with them. But it’s possible that one of the teens can be the future Supreme Witch, which would allow them to have more than one magical power.

Fans will have to stay tuned to see Misty Day’s revival, but Murphy was also able to reveal a little bit more about what Lily Rabe’s character is like.

“She’s a girl that has never known any other witches and all she’s ever known is Stevie Knicks,” he told E! of Misty. “Lily has an amazing Stevie Nicks shawl twirl scene in episode three. It’s really fun and great and we use I think eight Stevie Nicks songs this year, so that’s our musical stuff that we do.”

Episode 2, “Boy Parts,” will find viewers learning a little bit more about Madame LaLaurie and Queenie. Meanwhile, the cops will catch up with Zoe and Madison to ask a few questions about the deadly night at the frat house. Fortunately for the girls they have the Supreme, Fiona, on their side … but her actions with the detectives leave Zoe and Madison “utterly terrified of her.” The two girls will continue to get into some trouble when they visit the morgue and Madison decides to build Zoe the “perfect boyfriend.” As for head mistress Cordelia, fans will see a different side of her as her husband begs her to use magic to get pregnant after fertility treatments fail.

New episodes of “American Horror Story: Coven” air on FX on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. Watch episode 2, “Boy Parts,” on Wednesday, Oct. 16 at 10 p.m.