The return of “American Horror Story” may be a few months away, but the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour allowed fans to take a peak inside the spooky FX miniseries.  As we previously reported, viewers can expect “Coven” to hit the network on Oct. 9 – but now we also have scoop on the trouble that “American Horror Story” newcomer Kathy Bates will be stirring up.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Bates will be causing nightmares in season three as Madame LaLaurie – a real-life serial killer who terrorized Louisiana. Bates will be playing the murderous socialite in flashbacks in “Coven.” And the actress has an actual connection to the frightening historical figure. The Hollywood Reporter teases that Bates’ great-grandfather was Andrew Jackson’s personal physician – and he lived right next door to Madame LaLaurie.

For those unfamiliar with the female serial killer, her name was Delphine and she lived in a gorgeous mansion in the French Quarter of New Orleans. A member of prominent social circles in the city, Delphine LaLaurie had been accused of mistreating her slaves, but in public showed no signs of ill behavior – even reportedly emancipating two of her own slaves. But after a fire broke out at her home on April 10, 1834, the public found a gruesome sight. Numerous slaves were said to be found locked in a room – all of them “horribly mutilated.” Tru TV reports that the room had the “unmistakable odor of death.” Some victims were strapped to tables, a man was reportedly surgically transformed into a woman, a female was mutilated to look like a human crab, and another had her arms mutilated and skin peeled off. According to author Victor Klein, the room was scattered with “body parts, organs, and severed heads.”

The discovery at Madame LaLaurie’s home lead an angry mob to attack the mansion. It’s believed that Delphine fled New Orleans and eventually ended up in Paris.

“American Horror Story: Coven” will premiere on Oct. 9. What do you think about Kathy Bates’ character? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.