american horror story season 5 spoilers
Lily Rabe, pictured at the Tribeca Film Festival opening night gala on April 15, 2015, in New York City, is set to play a killer in Season 5 of "American Horror Story: Hotel." Getty Images

Lily Rabe is putting down the Stevie Nicks record and picking up a weapon. That’s right, the “American Horror Story” alum, who played a Fleetwood Mac-loving witch in Season 3 of the FX thriller, will be portraying a bad, bad girl in the upcoming anthology of Ryan Murphy’s co-created drama.

Entertainment Weekly reported the exciting news, revealing that in addition to the "Whispers” actress playing a villain in Season 5, she’ll also be taking on the role of a killer -- and a famous one at that.

But Rabe’s character won’t be the only shifty figure lurking in the halls of “Hotel,” the title of the new season. According to reports, fan favorite Sarah Paulson also is set to embody an anti-hero in the new installment, which is set to air this fall.

“I’ve never played any villain on the show,” the actress told the Wrap in May. “So perhaps there’s going to be an element on bad, bad girl.”

Paulson gave fans more intel on her dark role at 2015 San Diego Comic-Con. During a panel, the actress unveiled her character’s grim name: “My character’s name is Sally Hypodermic,” she confirmed before Murphy revealed Sally’s fate isn’t quite set in stone. According to the mastermind behind the gory drama, Paulson’s character has the possibility off getting killed off considering none of her other alter egos have met their demise on the show.

Finn Wittrock, who made his grand debut as the menacing Dandy in Season 4, teased that his "Hotel" character is a bit naughty as well! Although Wittrock’s impending role will be “very different” from Dandy, according to the actor, fans should keep in mind that his character “is not a good guy by any means.” Noted, Finn. Noted!

“American Horror Story” will return with Season 5, titled “Hotel,” in October on FX.