When “American Horror Story: 1984” returns, viewers will see an all-out battle between some of their favorite characters. In episode 5, “Red Dawn,” several secrets will come to light, and Brooke will be forced to fight for her life.

“As twilight broaches, the survivors brace for a final brawl,” the “American Horror Story” Season 9, episode 5 synopsis teases. In the FX promo video, Brooke (Emma Roberts) tells Montana (Billie Lourd) that she wishes she never came to Camp Redwood.

Montana then knocks Brooke out with a hard object and tells her it will all be over soon. In the previous episode, viewers learned that Montana’s brother was murdered at Brooke’s wedding. Brooke’s groom suspected his best friend was sleeping with his bride-to-be and killed him.

Montana blames Brooke for causing her brother’s death and teamed up with the Night Stalker (Zach Villa) to get revenge. However, after Mr. Jingles (John Carroll Lynch) killed the Night Stalker, Montana will be forced to kill Brooke on her own.

Will Montana get her revenge, or will Brooke be able to outsmart the aerobics fanatic?

Elsewhere in the “American Horror Story: 1984,” episode 5 preview, Mr. Jingles tells Margaret (Leslie Grossman) he is going to rip her apart. In the previous episode of “AHS: 1984,” Margaret revealed she was the one who carried out the murders at Camp Redwood and framed Mr. Jingles for her crimes.

When the escaped asylum patient attempted to attack her, she shot him and assumed he was dead. However, several people who were killed on the campgrounds have come back to life, and it appears Mr. Jingles will be resurrected.

Will Mr. Jingles finally kill Margaret, or will she gain the upper hand once again?

“American Horror Story: 1984” episode 5 will air Wednesday at 10 p.m. EDT on FX.

American Horror Story: 1984
Brooke (Emma Roberts) fears she will face a gruesome end on “American Horror Story: 1984” episode 2. Kurt Iswarienko/FX