“American Idol” has always prided itself on being a singing competition for the fans. Now, it’s putting even more power into the hands of its viewers by allowing them to rescue their favorite contestants via Twitter.

After a strange week of 1980s-era performances, Wednesday night’s episode of “Idol” saw the bold new experiment come to life. Fox announced Tuesday fans of the series would get a chance to actively vote during a small window of time to save one of the two worst performers of the week. This small window would open when host Ryan Seacrest reveals the two contestants viewers around the country have dubbed the bottom two performers, according to a network statement. Fans would get a chance to save one of them by going to Twitter and using the hashtag, “#Save(ContestantName).” While America votes, each contestant would get a chance to sing a redemption song. Wednesday night, the window closed after about five measly minutes.

Rayvon Owen and Daniel Seavey were revealed as the bottom two finalists subject to the so-called “Idol” Fan Save on Twitter. Both stepped up to the “American Idol” microphone in attempts to convince the country to keep them around for another week.

The theme of the night was to emulate the very first “American Idol” winner, Kelly Clarkson. According to TVLine, Seavey dropped the ball with his song choice “Breakaway,” a favorite of many contestants on the show that has never quite been done justice. Since the onset of Season 14, people have questioned whether the 15-year-old performer is ready for this kind of competitive, high-stakes show -- and Wednesday night proved many of them right.

Meanwhile, his competition went with Clarkson’s fun single “Since U Been Gone.” Owen delivered an emotional and stripped-down version of an otherwise dance-worthy song that really resonated with the audience and the judges. Still, with America’s fickle fingers being the deciding factor, the performance deficit between the two singers could have gone either way. Luckily, talent won out and people appeared to have had enough with Seavey by pushed Owen through to the Top 8.

“American Idol” will keep things going next week with another round of “Idol” Fan Save via Twitter. To participate, simply wait for Seacrest to announce the bottom two performers and then tweet the name of the one contestant you wish to rescue. Before you go spamming all your followers, however, you should know that Entertainment Weekly reported only one vote per Twitter account will be processed.

If you’re not watching “American Idol” on the East Coast, but want to get in on the live action, you can spoil the show for yourself by following @AmericanIdol on Twitter, where the bottom two will be announced in real time. You can also watch the show by way of a live stream available at AmericanIdol.com. Happy voting, Season 14 fans!