MacKenzie Bourg American Idol elimination
Eliminated “American Idol” contestant MacKenzie Bourg says he’s planning to go on tour. Fox

MacKenzie Bourg may be hitting the road. The eliminated “American Idol” contestant, who was sent home on Thursday’s episode 21, said he’s planning to tour.

In a conference call Friday about his elimination, Bourg told media outlets there’s “definitely a chance” he will be going on tour. “I don’t think the show is going to do a tour, but yeah, that’s definitely the plan,” he said, according to Billboard.

MacKenzie also commented on “American Idol” deciding not to have its annual summer tour this year. As previously reported, the Fox singing competition show wants the series to end with the three-night Season 15 finale and did not plan to stage its “American Idol” finalists tour.

“The tour would have been fun, but it also takes away from taking that first step as being an artist,” he said. “I think it would kind of take away from putting an album together and setting up a solo tour. I think … everyone gets so caught up in the ‘Idol’ tour that there is not a lot of time to put together something meaningful musicwise.”

The Lafayette, Louisiana, native also said he plans to release his original song “Roses,” which he performed on the show, as his first single. Despite being sent home right before the finale, MacKenzie said he enjoyed his time on the “Idol” stage.

“I think ‘American Idol’ has done me so many favors just by not trying to change me and by letting me be myself,” he said. “I feel like me with just a guitar and going up there and singing as if I am in my room has really kind of resonated with so many millions of people in the country. I am thankful every day that they have given me the opportunity to do that and even perform a song that I wrote twice on national TV — I couldn’t have asked for a better time on the show.”

The 2016 finale kicks off Tuesday and will include performances by past winners and contestants, including Season 4 winner Carrie Underwood who recently posted on Instagram that she was “so excited” to return to the show.

As recapped, contestants La’Porsha Renae, Dalton Rapattoni and Trent Harmon are the Top 3 and in the running to win the farewell season of “American Idol.”