NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” kicked off its 10th season on Tuesday night by trotting out some of the best and worst acts in the country to perform for a chance to win $1 million. The judges this year sat through a bevy of good, bad, ugly and just plain weird acts all vying for the top spot.

Judges Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Mel B returned to sit through a strange night of auditions featuring everything from a hypnotist, a professional cuddler and a magic dragon. In the end, it was their task to decide which stage performers had the longevity to move forward to the next round for the 2015 season and which ones simply had to go. With so many people taking the stage with a strange talent, below is a rundown of both the good and the bad auditions from the Season 10 premiere of “America’s Got Talent.”

The Good:

“Piff The Magic Dragon”

At first you might think that this man is downright crazy, but it quickly becomes apparent that the glib attitude of this British magician is all part of the very bizarre stage persona he’s cultivated for himself. Anyone can take the stage and do some close-up card magic, but it takes a true performer to do it with such style. Watch as he looks incredibly annoyed to even be there and even starts eating his lunch while being judged.

“The Stuttering Comedian”

While it may raise some people’s moral red flags to laugh at a person with a disability, this 23-year-old comic has a charming way of giving the audience permission to make a positive out of a negative. While he’s billed as a comedian, this was perhaps the biggest tearjerker audition of the night. Watch below to cry, laugh, and then cry again.

“Shirtless Gymnasts”

As if the description didn’t tell you everything you need to know, this act featured a group of very talented gymnasts from Germany and the Czech Republic showing off their athletic skills. While shirtless men being strong was likely enough to get a great deal of the votes, their talent and coordination solidified them as a truly great live act.

The Bad:

“Sexy Baby”

While this act called himself the “sexy baby,” a more appropriate title would be: “the stuff of nightmares.” From the moment this fully-grown horrifying baby mask takes the stage, everyone is unsettled. Once he/she starts doing an enticing striptease, everyone was off board and the judges put a stop to it as soon as possible. Stern even mentioned that it was one of the fastest rejections in the show’s history.

“The Professional Cuddler”

OK, while this job sounds pretty fantastic, it doesn’t exactly make for a good live show. In the end, this young woman’s “talent” was reduced to awkwardly making the judges lay on top of one another and making recently divorced host Nick Cannon question his life decisions.

"Puppet And Mama’s Boy Singing”

This was a strange one. It wasn’t necessarily a talen, as the puppet was not really the best singer that’s ever graced the stage. However, he moved the judges enough to go on to the next round despite his gimmick being on the odd side. We have to admit though, it was cute to see Cannon interacting with his puppet mother.

You can check out more from the first night of "America's Got Talent" here or wait for the show to air Tuesdays on NBC.